What to Wear with Khaki Pants: A Detailed Guide for Men and Women!

What to Wear with Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that can be worn for various occasions and seasons. Whether you want to dress them up or down, khaki pants can help you create stylish and comfortable outfits that suit your personal style and preferences. 

This detailed style guide will explore various outfit options and color combinations to help you make the most of your khaki pants. Whether you’re wondering what to wear with khaki pants, what colors go with khakis, or how to style khaki pants, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to elevate your fashion game. Let’s start!

What are Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are cotton, linen, or twill fabric trousers that come in various shades of brown, ranging from light beige to dark olive. The word “khaki” comes from the Hindi word for “dust-colored”, and it was initially used to describe the uniforms worn by British colonial soldiers in India. Khaki pants became popular in civilian fashion in the 20th century, especially after World War II, when they were adopted by American soldiers as casual wear.

Khaki pants are known for their durability, comfort, and versatility. They can be worn with different types of shoes, tops, and jackets, depending on the occasion and the desired look. Khaki pants can also be found in various styles and fits, such as slim-fit, straight-leg, wide-leg, cropped, or pleated.

Why Should You Wear Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants are an excellent choice for any season and any occasion because they are:


Khaki pants can match almost any color and pattern, making them easy to mix and match with different tops, shoes, and accessories.


Khaki pants can be dressed up or down depending on the pants’ style, fit, fabric, and what you pair them with. You can wear khaki pants to work, school, date night, brunch, or even a wedding.


Khaki pants can suit any body type and skin tone, as long as you choose the right shade and fit for you. You can also use khaki pants to create different illusions with your proportions, such as elongating your legs or slimming your waist.


Khaki pants are timeless and classic but can also be trendy and modern depending on how you style them. You can find khaki pants in different cuts and designs, such as skinny, straight-leg, wide-leg, cropped, pleated, or cargo.

Types of Khaki Pants

Khaki pants come in different styles and cuts that can suit different body types and preferences. Here are some common types of khaki pants and how to wear them:

1. Straight-leg Khaki Pants

These are the most classic and versatile styles of khaki pants that can flatter any body type. They have a straight fit from the waist to the ankle and can be worn with any kind of shoes. You can wear them with a blazer and a button-down shirt for a smart casual look or a leather jacket and a graphic tee for a cool urban look.

2. Slim-fit Khaki Pants

These are a more modern and trendy style of khaki pants that have a slim fit from the waist to the ankle. They are ideal for slender or athletic body types and can be worn with sneakers or loafers. You can wear them with a cardigan and camisole for a cozy look or a moto jacket and crop top for an edgy look.

3. Wide-leg Khaki Pants

These are a more retro and fashionable style of khaki pants that have a wide fit from the waist to the ankle. They are suitable for curvy or petite body types and can be worn with heels or flats. You can wear them with a coat and a turtleneck for a chic look or a cable knit sweater and a statement top for a cozy look.

How To Style Khaki Pants For Different Occasions?

Khaki pants are a staple in your wardrobe that can help you create various outfits for different occasions. Here are some examples of how to style khaki pants for men:

  • For Work

You can wear straight-leg or slim-fit khaki pants with a navy blazer and a white button-down shirt for a professional look. You can also add a tie or a pocket square for some extra flair. Choose black or brown leather shoes to complete the outfit.

  • For Casual

You can wear straight-leg or slim-fit khaki pants with a chambray shirt or a plain white t-shirt for a relaxed look. You can also layer a denim jacket or a cardigan over your shirt for some warmth. Choose white sneakers or brown loafers to complete the outfit. Khaki shorts are also a good option for casual looks but to nail that, you have to know how to match the outfit with khaki shorts before trying.

  • For Date night

For an attractive look, you can wear slim-fit or wide-leg khaki pants with a burgundy sweater or a black leather jacket. You can also accessorize with a watch or a necklace for some extra sparkle. Choose black boots or tan oxfords to complete the outfit.

How to Style Khaki Pants?

Here are some outfit ideas with Khaki Pants for you:

1. With a Blazer

A man wearing khaki pants with blazer
Image Credit: mollypanphotography on Instagram

A blazer is a quick way to add some polish and sophistication to your khaki pants outfit. You can wear a solid-colored black, navy, or white blazer for a professional look, or opt for a brighter or patterned blazer for a pop of color and fun. For different effects, you can layer the blazer over a tank top, a button-down shirt, or a camisole.

2. With a Leather Jacket

khaki pants with leather jacket
Image Credit: thedenimdentist on Instagram

A leather jacket is a fantastic and edgy way to spice up your khaki pants outfit. A leather jacket can contrast nicely with the softness and warmth of khaki pants, creating a balanced look. You can wear a black leather jacket for a classic rock-and-roll vibe, or experiment with other colors like brown, red, or green for more variety.

3. With a Cardigan

khaki pants with cardigan
Image Credit: imspeke on Instagram

A cardigan is a cozy and casual way to complement your khaki pants outfit. A cardigan can add some texture and dimension to your look, as well as some extra warmth on chilly days. You can wear a neutral-colored cardigan for a simple and chic look or a colorful or printed cardigan for more personality.

4. With a Coat

khaki pants with coat
Image Credit: untuckit on Instagram

A coat is a stylish and practical way to complete your khaki pants outfit. A coat can protect you from the cold and wind and add some elegance and flair to your look. 

This is an effortless outfit for the spring or autumn season when you want to enjoy the outdoors. You can complement the outfit with some boots or loafers in a neutral color such as brown or gray.

Colors That Go Well with Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are a neutral color that can match with almost any other color, depending on the shade and tone of the khakis. Some colors tend to work better than others when paired with khaki pants. Here are some general guidelines on what colors to wear with khaki pants:

  • Classic

For a classic and elegant look, opt for navy, black, white, or gray as your primary color. These colors create a sharp contrast with khaki pants and can be worn for formal or business occasions.

  • Casual or Relaxed

For a casual and relaxed look, choose earthy tones, such as olive, burgundy, mustard, or camel as your primary color. These colors complement khaki pants and can be worn for everyday or outdoor activities.

  • Fun and Trendy

For a fun and trendy look, experiment with bright colors, such as red, pink, orange, or turquoise as your main color. These colors add a pop of color to khaki pants and can be worn for parties or vacations.

  • Balanced

Mix and match different shades of khaki as your main color for a balanced and harmonious look. This creates a monochromatic look that is chic and sophisticated.

What Color Shirt Goes with Khaki Pants for Men?

Khaki pants offer a neutral canvas that pairs well with various colors. Here are some popular and visually appealing combinations:

1. Classic Neutrals – Black, White, and Gray

Black, white, and gray are timeless options that compliment khaki perfectly. A white shirt with khaki pants creates an effortlessly stylish look, while a black or gray top adds a touch of elegance.

One of the easiest and most foolproof combinations is khaki pants with a white shirt. This is a timeless and elegant look that works for both casual and formal settings. 

A white shirt with khaki pants creates a crisp and fresh contrast that can be accessorized with a brown belt, shoes, and a watch. You can also add a navy blazer or a denim jacket for some extra flair.

2. Earthy Tones

Shades of brown, such as camel, rust, or chocolate, beautifully enhance the warm tones of khaki pants. These combinations exude a natural and earthy vibe.

3. Blues

Blue is a complementary color to khaki and can create a harmonious and sophisticated outfit. Depending on your preference and the occasion, you can choose from different shades of blue, such as light blue, navy, or medium blue. A blue shirt with khaki pants can be worn with sneakers or sandals for a relaxed look, or with dress shoes or boots for a more polished look.

4. Burgundy

If you want to add some warmth and richness to your khaki pants outfit, you can opt for a burgundy shirt. Burgundy is a deep and elegant color that can make your khaki pants stand out. 

A burgundy shirt with khaki pants can be paired with black or brown shoes and accessories for a refined and classy look. You can layer a gray sweater or black leather jacket over your burgundy shirt for extra texture and dimension.

5. Pop of Color

Inject some vibrancy into your outfit by pairing khaki pants with a bold color like red, mustard, or deep green. This choice adds a fun and eye-catching element to your look.

The key is experimenting and finding what works best for you and your style. Khaki pants are versatile enough to match almost any shirt color, so you can have fun and express yourself with confidence.

What Color Shirt Goes with Khaki Pants for Women?

Ladies, when it comes to choosing what to wear with khaki pants, there are numerous options available. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

Crisp Whites

A white button-down shirt is a classic choice that effortlessly complements khaki pants. It creates a fresh and clean look suitable for various occasions. A crisp white shirt can instantly elevate your khaki pants and make them look more polished and sophisticated. 

You can opt for a button-down shirt for a formal or business casual outfit, or a simple tee or blouse for a more relaxed vibe. To complete the look, add some accessories like a belt, a necklace, or a scarf.


Another great color option for khaki pants is black. Black and khaki create a striking contrast that can make your outfit stand out. A black shirt can also add some edge and drama to your khaki pants, especially if you choose a bold or graphic design. 

You can pair your black shirt and khaki pants with some black shoes, such as flats, boots, or heels. You can also add some pops of color to your jewelry, bag, or hat.

Pastel Delights

Soft pastel shades, such as blush pink, sky blue, or lavender, can add a feminine touch to your khaki pants outfit. If you want to add some fun and flair to your khaki pants outfit, try a bright or pastel color shirt! Colors like pink, yellow, blue, green, or purple can bring some freshness and vibrancy to your look. 

You can choose a solid color shirt or a patterned one, depending on your preference and mood. A colorful shirt can also help you express your personality and attitude.

Bold and Beautiful

Opt for a vibrant-colored shirt like coral, emerald green, or navy blue if you’re feeling adventurous. Navy is a dark and rich color that can complement khaki very well. Moreover, navy and khaki can create a nautical or preppy look that is perfect for spring or summer. 

You can wear a navy shirt with stripes, polka dots, or floral prints for some added interest and texture. Accessorize with some gold or silver jewelry, a watch, or sunglasses. And you can wear navy or white sneakers, loafers, or sandals for shoes.

Items and Accessories to Match with Khaki Pants

Apart from colors, several clothing items and accessories can be paired with khaki pants to create fashionable outfits. Here are some suggestions:

  • Belts

Belts can help define your waistline and add some structure and shape to your khaki pants outfit. You can choose a belt that matches your shoes or socks for more harmony, or you can choose a belt that pops out for more attention.

  • Shoes

Shoes can make or break your khaki pants outfit, so you need to choose them wisely. You can go for sneakers, loafers, sandals, boots, or heels, depending on the style and occasion of your outfit. Generally speaking, lighter shoes go better with lighter khakis, and darker shoes go better with darker khakis.

  • Jewelry

Jewelry can add a level of sparkle and glamour to your khaki pants outfit, making it more eye-catching and elegant. You can wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, or watches with your khaki pants outfit, as long as they don’t clash with each other or overpower your outfit.

  • Hats

Hats can add personality and flair to your khaki pants outfit, making it more fun and fashionable. You can wear hats like fedoras, berets, beanies, baseball caps, or straw hats with your khaki pants outfit, as long as they match your outfit’s season and mood.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You are now equipped with a treasure trove of knowledge on what to wear with khaki pants. You can create stunning outfits suitable for any occasion by understanding how to style khaki pants, what colors go well with them, and what clothing items and accessories to pair with. 

Experiment with different options, play with colors and patterns, and let your personal style shine. Embrace the versatility of khaki pants and unleash your inner style icon. Go ahead and get ready to turn heads by making a lasting impression wherever you go!

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