What to Wear With Black Shorts

As summer approaches, you may want to refresh your wardrobe with some of the trendiest items of the season. Shorts are a reliable choice to give you comfort on hot days. During summer, we almost live in shorts every day. They come with various types, styles, and colors including black. It’s a color that never goes out of style and gives you an attractive look.

To make your look outstanding, you should choose the perfect combination of your clothes and accessories. If you’re not sure what to wear with black shorts ?  So, let’s explore some different types of black shorts and the combinations of tops and shoes to make your look perfect for any occasion.

Types of Black Shorts

There are various types of black shorts available with numerous styles.

The compatibility with other clothes of your black shorts largely relies on the specific type of shorts. Now, let’s look at some popular types of shorts to make your choice in a better way.

1. Bermuda Shorts

woman wearing black Bermuda Shorts
Credit: feeljeans on Instagram

Bermuda shorts are a stylish and versatile option for warm weather. They are a bit longer than other shorts. These knee-length shorts offer a sophisticated and polished look that is perfect for various occasions. Whether you’re heading to the office or going out for a casual outing Bermuda shorts can provide you comfort and at the same time elegance. Their longer length makes them appropriate for more formal settings. The length hits just above the knee that gives your skin breathability on those hot days. You’ll find Bermuda shorts in a variety of styles, including the classic option of black shorts.

2. Denim Shorts

woman wearing black Denim Shorts
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Although denim typically comes with blue, you will also find the black one. If you wear denim shorts, your summer style will go up another level. These shorts are the ultimate combination of comfort and coolness.This makes them a mandatory option for every closet. You’ll emerge an at ease yet fashionable feel when you slip into a pair of denim shorts. The versatility of denim shorts can help you to effortlessly create various looks. You can wear denim black shorts in any casual occasion.

3. Biker Shorts

woman in black Biker Shorts
Credit: activelyblack on Instagram

Biker shorts are currently a trending item. You should definitely incorporate them into your everyday ensembles. These shorts are comfortable and stylish. You can do a range of activities with these shorts. You’ll feel both active and fashionable after wearing the shorts. They provide a sleek and fitted look that flatters your figure. You can pair it with a casual t-shirt or dress up with a trendy top. 

4. Chino Shorts

man wearing black Chino Shorts
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You can take your summer look to the next level by adding a pair of chino shorts. It provides a comfortable fabric with a polished appearance. These black shorts are crafted from soft material. You can instantly elevate your look with a touch of casual elegance with chino shorts. It is suitable for different occasions. They are available with many designs so that you can create different outfits for your day.It is perfect for your backyard barbecue or meeting friends for a brunch date. 

5. Athletic Shorts 

woman wearing black Athletic Shorts
Credit: elastiqueathletics on Instagram

These shorts are great for sports or any outdoor activities. These clothes are light and let your skin breathe. You can wear black athletic shorts for working out, playing outside, or just for a comfy and casual look.

What To Wear With Black Shorts

Once you’ve chosen the type of black shorts, it’s time to consider what To wear with black shorts. Black shorts effortlessly complement a variety of shoes, tops, and accessories. So, let’s look at some popular choices to create stylish combinations with your black shorts.


man in white Shoes with black shorts
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It can be a bit challenging to find the perfect summer shoe to complement your black shorts. It mostly depends on the occasion to match with your black shorts. 


woman in Sandals with black shorts
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When it comes to what to wear with black shorts, sandals could be the perfect choice for your footwear. They are versatile and able to give you foot comfort. It effortlessly complements black shorts for a chic and laid-back look. You can opt for flat sandals for a casual vibe or dress it up with heeled sandals for a more polished appearance. Sandals come in various styles, from strappy designs to slide-ons. It allows you to find the perfect pair to match your personal style. So, You can step out with a pair of sandals to give you an effortless fashionable look.


man wearing grey Sneakers with black shorts
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Sneakers get along with black shorts very well. They can match with many different outfits. You can choose white sneakers for a simple and relaxed look, or a colored or patterned one that will add some fun to your outfit.


woman wearing Espadrilles and black shorts
Credit: vanillamoonshoes on Instagram

To achieve a more summery style, espadrilles will be a great choice for you. These shoes are lightweight and have a woven bottom. They come in different styles and colors. They’re really comfortable to walk with. These shoes are perfect for enjoying the spring and summer seasons.


brown leather loafers
Credit: fugashin_shoemaker on Instagram

Loafers are one of the best options to make black shorts look more sophisticated. Choose black or brown leather loafers for a fashionable appearance. They’re great for both casual and slightly formal events.  You can pair button down shirts with this combination  to create a perfect look.

Boat Shoes

boat shoes
Credit: nawirionline on Instagram

Boat shoes can be a great alternative to your sandals. If you’re thinking about what else to wear with black shorts, these shoes are a great option to consider. They can give a more cool look. They are typically made of leather or canvas and feature a distinctive moccasin-like design. Their non-slip rubber soles and water-resistant qualities make them ideal for boating activities. They can make a stylish addition to any casual look. You can try neutral colored boat shoes with your black shorts to make your outfit an attractive look. Also choosing colorful boat shoes can give you a fun twist in your attire.


man wearing button-down shirt with black shorts
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One of the key elements in your outfit is choosing the perfect top. It should go with your black shorts nicely. It actually depends mostly on the type of shorts you’re wearing. If you are wearing chino or Bermuda shorts, a more formal shirt such as a collared polo shirt or a classic button-down shirt will blend well with your shorts. Let us take a look at some shirts and tops to complement your total outfit perfectly.

T- Shirts

man wearing T- Shirts with black shorts
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T-shirts are the perfect match for black shorts. They offer endless opportunities to style yourself effortlessly. You can choose a classic white tee for a clean and timeless look. Also, you may spice things up with a graphic tee to show off your personality. There are various versatile types of t-shirts to compliment your look. If you want simplicity you can consider wearing solid-colored tees.  T-shirts and black shorts can be an outstanding combination for any occasion.

Tank Tops

woman wearing black Tank Tops with black shorts
Credit: __feliy_ on Instagram

Tank tops are awesome for when it’s hot outside. If you pair them with black shorts, you can create a really chill and relaxed look. There are various designs of Tank tops available. You can consider trying them out tank tops to make your look unique in summer.

Button-down Shirts 

man wearing black Button-down Shirts with black shorts
Credit: mrei8ht on Instagram

Button-down shirts are a great way to get a polished and smart look. You can consider wearing a button down shirt that can give you a classic look.You can also customize your outfit to make it different.

Polo Shirts 

man wearing white Polo Shirts with black shorts
Credit: kovalskiyandrey on Instagram

Polo shirts are a bit more formal than t-shirts. They have a casual feel and  can give you fashionable outfits. You could wear a black polo shirt with black shorts for a sleek all-black outfit. Otherwise, you can try out different colors for a more colorful look.


woman wearing Sweatshirts with black shorts
Credit: friostudio_ on Instagram

Furthermore you can also pair black shorts with sweatshirts. It will give you warmth in cooler weather and a stylish look as well. You can consider wearing lightweight knits or sweatshirts with a crew neck for the perfect combination with black shirts. So, wearing different colors of sweatshirts will match your black shorts perfectly with an elegant look.

A well-fitting top can truly make an outfit outstanding when combined with black shorts.The beauty of black shorts is their versatility. Almost any color will work well with the black shorts. You can experiment with pairing your black shorts with different colored top.


woman wearing Jackets with black shorts
Credit: princesspollyboutique on Instagram

To complete your look, it’s time to put on some accessories. A fantastic and practical addition to your outfit is a jacket. In addition,it serves as a useful layer to keep you warm on cooler summer nights.It brings a touch of casual and injects a fun look to your wardrobe. There are various types of jackets, each one adds a special touch to your outfit.

Denim Jacket 

woman wearing Denim Jacket  with black shorts
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If you wear a denim jacket with black shorts, you’ll look cool and casual without trying too hard. You can wear a denim jacket with almost anything even with black shorts. It looks a little rough and you can wear it open or buttoned to create different styles.

Bomber Jacket

man wearing Bomber Jacket  with black shorts
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You can opt for a bomber jacket also. It’s a great option, if you want to look cool and sporty. These jackets are usually made of light materials and give a cool and modern look to your black shorts outfit. You can wear a black bomber jacket for a cool and all-black outfit or try bright colors to show off your style.

Leather Jacket

woman wearing Leather Jacket  with black shorts
Credit: chiccliquelb on Instagram

A leather jacket is a great way to add a tough and bold look to your outfit. It could give you a cool and confident vibe. You can consider wearing an all black or different color leather jacket.

You can also try pairing your black shorts with a blazer-style jacket or utility jackets. This can elevate your outfit and create a more formal appearance, especially with chino or Bermuda shorts. Besides giving a tough look, it serves as a useful layer to keep you warm on cooler summer nights.

Fashion Tips To Avoid With Black Shorts

Fashion enthusiasts love to experiment and showcase their unique creativity. 

There are a few things to avoid to style your outfit with black shorts. If you do not want to mess up your outlook, here are some fashion tips for wearing black bottoms.

1. low-rise shorts

Do not consider low-rise shorts. It is a fashion trend that was popular in the early 2000s but does not go well with modern styles of outfit. You can embrace more flattering and modern options.

2. Super distressed shorts

If your bottoms have a lot of rips and holes, this can make them last much less long. If you like to personalize your denim, you can make the cuts a little shorter to give your shorts sufficient room to distress them without shortening their life.

3. Shorts in any formal Occasion

You should avoid shorts for any formal occasions like weddings and funerals. Wearing cropped pants in such settings might not give off the most appropriate or stylish impression.

4. Try new things, but be careful

Black shorts are versatile. However, you should avoid pushing yourself too far beyond your comfort zone. Make sure your clothes are both stylish and comfortable to wear.

5. Mismatched Colour

Black shorts can mix with almost any color. However, you have to ensure your top and accessories match so that it can create a cohesive style.


What colors of shirts suit well with black shorts?

Black is an incredibly versatile and adaptable color. They offer an endless possibilities of styling options. Black shorts can be a great match for almost any color of shirts. You can create a dark and sleek look by choosing a black shirt. On the other hand, white can also gel with black shorts efficiently. In addition, you can choose any color to compliment black shorts beautifully. You can experiment with different shades to find the perfect match for your black shorts.

Can you pair a black hoodie with a black shorts?

Yes, you can wear a black hoodie with a black shorts. It can give comfort and warmth. The combination can create a stylish outfit. You can also choose a black hoodie with a black shorts. Moreover, they make a perfect combo with athletic shorts.

Can you pair black shorts with a black shirt?

Yes! You can definitely wear black shorts with a black shirt. When you wear black with black, it looks really cool and modern. Considering an all-black attire is an excellent choice for achieving an elegant appearance. It will be a great combo for both casual and  dressier events. However, you should be careful about the color. Black comes in many different shades of fabric. If the blacks in your outfit don’t match, it might look strange. The black of your shirt and shorts  should match well together.

Does wearing black shorts make you feel hotter?

In general, black tends to absorb more heat because it absorbs a greater range of wavelengths. On the other hand,lighter colors  like white can reflect those wavelengths and don’t absorb as much heat. This makes lighter colors more suitable for summers, while black is often preferred for winters.

Final Thoughts

Black shorts can greatly influence the overall vibe of your outfit. It’s no wonder they’re considered a wardrobe essential by many fashion enthusiasts. They are simple in design and color.

These shorts are perfect for a casual day. They can easily become a worthy fashion statement with the right outfit. After going through this guide, we hope you now have a clear idea of what to wear with black shorts with different styles. So, Black shorts are a fundamental piece in any wardrobe.

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