What Goes With Red Shorts? Style Your Outfit the Trendiest Way Possible

What Goes With Red Shorts

Do you know what it means to wear red? Wearing red demonstrates your confidence and strength and subconsciously inspires you to take action and succeed.

And, regardless of why you’re heading out, red shorts can be your go-to alternative when you can’t find a proper fit for the day. But what goes with red shorts, and what colors complement wearing red?

When it comes to colors to wear with red, white is the most preferred choice. White with red looks formal and chic at the same time, and it complements both men’s and women’s clothing.

If you have shirts, tees, or even coats in colors other than white and red, check out this article to see how you may combine them with your red shorts.

Depending on the shade, length, fabric type, and style, you can wear a variety of clothes with red shorts, whether for an office meeting or a picnic in the park. However, you must first understand how to style it.

A Brief History of Red Shorts: Are They Trendy?

We don’t want to bore you with history lessons here. However, since some people might think wearing red makes them look weird, this part will explain why red shorts are a popular trend before stating what goes with red shorts.

Although shorts originated in the early nineteenth century, the updated and attractive version of red shorts that we know today became popular in the middle of the century.

However, no clear data exists on how red shorts entered the fashion trend. It is highly possible that Hollywood movie stars promoted red shorts of various lengths and styles. Or maybe it became popular because someone tried to wear red shorts like their favorite football team!

Harrison Ford, Tom Cruise, and many other celebrities wore red shorts on the big screen in the 1980s. Red shorts with white blouses and a black blazer became a go-to red carpet look for famous female celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Ashlee Simpson, and Rachel Bilson.

You must check these celebrity styling to come up with your idea of how to style red shorts. In 2018, a CBS News report indicated that guys over the age of thirty in Chicago were increasingly carrying red shorts and blue shirts. This fashion grew so popular that it resembled a summer uniform to them. 

But what temperature is shorts weather? Since it matches the colorful spring and summer seasons, red shorts became a trend as they give off a cool vibe while providing the ultimate comfort. 

Finding the Perfect Red Shorts Fit

If you want to be a part of the summer trend of wearing red, buy a pair of red shorts. However, before buying one, make sure you find the right fit for yourself. Since styling clothes can vary deeply on the fitting, it’s not right for you if it’s not a good fit, 

Although baggy shorts may seem a little oversized, you need to make sure that it’s not too loose and that you need to wear a belt to keep it in place.

A guy’s shorts should either be right above or right below your kneecaps, depending on what you prefer, regardless of the body build.

Also, for men, shorts are not supposed to be skin-tight. Fashion experts recommend wearing shorts in which you have enough space between the skin and fabric.

For women, however, the style statement differs from person to person. If you are comfortable, you can wear it skin-tight. But it’s always better not to.

Below, we have provided a list of shorts heights according to different body types before explaining what goes with red shorts :

Above the Knee

This inseam is roughly 9-10 inches long. A little above the knee is a fitting description. Shorts typically fall within this range, making them suitable for almost all body types.

At the Knee

This inseam is 10 inches or longer. This cut is perfect for those with huskier body frames. Don’t buy overly long shorts if you want to avoid looking shorter.


The inseam on these pants is around 5 to 7 inches. This will fall just below the hollow of your knee and the top of your hip. Think of swim trunks that are squared off at the bottom. This cut is most flattering on leaner figures.


This inseam measures 7 inches maximum. This will fall just above the knee by a few inches. Think of a standard pair of boxer briefs, but longer. This is most effective for those with a normal, athletic, or thin build.

There are different types of shorts available in the market, and people wear them depending on the length they prefer. The top five of them are:

  • Pattern shorts
  • Denim shorts
  • Formal shorts
  • Chino shorts
  • Sweat shorts

You will find what matches with red shorts in the next section.

What Goes With Red Shorts: 10 Style Ideas for Men and Women

Styling your everyday wear is more like having fun experimenting with colors and patterns. And to have this fun experience with your red shorts, all you need to know is which color compliments red and what type of clothes go well with shorts.

What Colors Complements Red?

While you may find putting together red shorts outfit ideas a bit challenging, it may help you stand out from the crowd if done correctly.

If you are wondering what color shirt goes with red shorts, the key is to use a suitable shade of red or other hues.

You can wear colors like gray, black, beige, brown, turquoise, light green, or blue when you are looking for a casual outfit that looks formal as well.

However, when you are planning a trip with your friends to enjoy the summer heat, pair your red shorts with yellow accents, faded or bottle green, powdery blue denim, pink, purple, orange, or even other shades of red will look great with red clothing.

Again, considering the shed of your red shorts is also important so that the colors don’t overpower each other instead of complementing.

For example, scarlet is a “warm” red. It matches warm colors like orange and yellow. Tomatoes are “cool” reds. Thus, it blends well with “cool” colors like blue and purple.

Now it’s time to think about the intensity of the color. Wearing a deep purple top with tomato red shorts will dominate the tops, not your shorts. Therefore, you have to choose a light-colored shirt or tee with your deep-colored red shorts and vice-versa. 

5 Clothes to Pair With Your Red Shorts for Women

Red Shorts Outfit for Women

Women can wear red shorts of all lengths, but the most popular one is to wear them above the kneecap. You can choose the pant style or linen pants with adjustable rubber or belt, according to your preference. 

Here is what to wear with red shorts female:

  • Pairing Red Shorts With the Black and White Striped Shirt

Here’s a set that works for a day at the office or a night out on the town. To complete this style, we recommend wearing a black and white checkered button-up shirt for the top layer. Wear it with some red shorty pants. White sneakers are fine to wear if you want to keep things basic and clean. 

  • Light Blue Short Sleeve Blouse With Red Shorts 

This style is sweetly feminine and energizing. A short-sleeved blouse in a pale shade of blue (like the sky) would look great as a top. Wear it with some red shorty pants. To finish the look in a revitalizing way, slip on white flat sandals. You can also look great in this in your favorite hangouts.

  • Style Your Red Shorts With a White Button-up Collar Shirt

You can style your red shorts with a collared shirt as a top in various ways. You can wear a T-shirt of any light color or white and wear the shirt on top and leave it unbuttoned.

Again, tuck in the shirt and wear a black belt and shoes with your red shorts will complete a chic look. 

Ever wondered what goes with navy blue shorts? You would be surprised to find that a similar style can apply to navy blue shorts.

  • Black or Navy Blue Shirt with high waist red shorts

Pair a black or blue top with white polka dots with a pair of red high-waist shorts for a stylish and original. Women look better in high-waist shorts than men do, and you can rock them anywhere from the office to the beach.

Both strapped sandals and heels will look great with this outfit. You can tuck the shirt in front and keep the back part loose to make it look more stylish.

  • Couple your red shorts with a red blazer

Wearing this combination with a white tank top under the blazer and high heels will make you extremely hot and classy at the same time. You can also alter the blazer with a red baggy jacket and wear sneakers which will give you a comfortable feel all day long. 

Don’t forget to wear a red cap if it’s a pleasant sunny day and you are out for a day-long date. 

5 Clothes to Pair With Your Red Shorts for Men

Men in red shorts outfit

Here are 5 top ideas answering what to wear with red shorts male:

  • Black and white striped shirt with red chino shorts

You can pull off this outfit in a moment, and thanks to the vertical strip, the outfit will make you look taller. You won’t have to spend too much time digging through your clothes, but you’ll still appear ready for anything while looking sharp at the same time.

Again, if long sleeve white shirt seems uncomfortable to you, you can wear a white short-sleeved shirt or crew-neck T-shirt with your red chino shorts.

Finish off this look by picking sneakers with a white canvas and a low top for a coordinated look.

  • Grey T-shirt with red cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are versatile enough to be worn by both men and women, but men especially appreciate them for the pockets that they provide. With convenient pockets for your phone, wallet, and keys, these shorts are both fashionable and convenient. Depending on your desired aesthetic and your destination, you can wear them with a grey T-shirt, or a light hoodie. 

  • Olive cotton waistcoat with red denim shorts

These red shorts and olive cotton waistcoat show that even a normal ensemble can look chic. Add a pair of suede boat shoes in dark brown color to your outfit to show off your relaxed side.

To add variety to this look, you can also wear an olive military jacket instead of a waistcoat.

  • Red pattern shorts and a navy hoodie print

If you want to seem neat and casual, a navy print sweatshirt paired with red shorts is a great choice. 

This outfit of a blue henley top and red pattern shorts is an easy choice when ease of movement is crucial. The easiest approach to add sophistication to this getup is by finishing with a pair of navy suede driving shoes.

  • Blazer and formal red shorts 

Red formal shorts also look great with a white shirt and blazer. For those cool evenings of fall before winter. It would look great to pair a buttoned-up white Oxford shirt with a grey blazer. Leather drivers will offer you a more refined appearance, especially black ones.

Try wearing a blue jacket with red shorts for a casually traditional look – these two items complement each other well.


Red shorts look amazing on everyone, regardless of height or body type. Although red is a striking hue, it pairs well with relatively few color combinations, including all shades of red.

Since there are no hard and fast rules in fashion, there’s no harm in trying out a few different hues or patterns to see what works best for you.

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