What Goes with Navy Blue Shorts: What Goes Well and What Does Not

What Goes with Navy Blue Shorts

Shorts should be a staple in your collection, whether you’re planning a casual, laid-back weekend look or formal wear for a special occasion. Navy blue is a widely worn pant color among both men and women. This color has the potential to go with almost any outfit due to its versatile hue and the least variation in its shade.

We believe that navy shorts should be in your wardrobe collection before anything else. This color brings calm and serenity to men. In this article, we dig deep into men’s fashion with half pants and give you an ultimate guide to what goes with navy blue shorts.

Colors That Go Well With Navy Blue Clothes

There are no boundaries in the world of fashion. Navy blue is one of those wonderful colors ideal for men and women in all seasons. Additionally, it’s a color that can transform a look from ordinary to stylish in a matter of seconds.

Many colors go with navy clothing, with white being the default one. For men, navy and white are the best outfit combos, while other neutral colors like army green, olive green, and tan also make a great pairing.

Again, pairing it with other blues like teal and bright blue is fine. Bright colors like orange, red, and turquoise are also a perfect match with navy blue for a more semi-formal look.

This color is a women’s staple in their wardrobe mix for any occasion. Two-toned striped or polka-tops bring out the flare in women’s casual wear. Navy blue and white is like a match made in heaven for women as there are tons of varieties and white shades to match them. Red, green, yellow, and pink are also standard colors for navy blue pairings. Beige is another color that looks great for any event.

Men’s Navy Blue Short Types

Men’s trousers come in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Some people love an extra inch in their short pants, while others prefer much smaller ones to flatter their legs for that masculine look.

Regardless of the choices, here are some popular types of men’s navy blue shorts to consider with your outfits to match your fashion sense.

1. Bermuda Shorts

These pants usually end an inch above the knees. The name itself takes its popularity from a British overseas territory where this used to be considered business attire for men. Also known as “walking shorts,” these are comfortable clothes for both casual and formal looks.

Men’s fashion with Bermuda cut navy trousers can be much more demanding, especially during the summer heat. There are tons of outfit options that go well with navy blue shorts. You can keep things bright and vibrant by pairing them with a pure white or light pink sweatshirt. These make a very easy-to-pair outfit for any casual outing, topped off with low-neck sneakers.

navy blue bermuda shorts for men with pink top

A more formal get-up that goes well with navy shorts is a long-sleeved white crisp buttoned shirt. You can also flatter your style by layering up during cold summers or the fall season by adding an olive green shirt on top of a white t-shirt, giving you that extra coziness during the breeze.

You want your pants to maintain a slim outline and follow the shape of your leg. They should not be so tight that they tug over your thighs. Tight-fit shirts should be strictly avoided with the Bermudas as they would make an unusual boxy appearance with slim-fit trousers.

2. Chino Shorts

These shorts, traditionally made of chino fabric and have grown more well-liked in recent years, are classic summertime casual clothing. Chinos can be of various heights, the most common being cut off at two to three inches above the knees. 

Chino-cut pants are pretty versatile in their way, but they have this casual and semi-casual attitude that shouldn’t be overlooked or disregarded. What goes with navy chino shorts depends on how you are willing to style them as per your dress code.

T-shirts, polo shirts, and both short and long-sleeved overshirts are good matchups with these pants. To look more put-together, pair your navy chino shorts with a light blue and white striped half-shirt and loafers, or go casual with a soft yellow t-shirt and low-top sneakers.

For a semi-formal look, pair your navy pants with a blazer of the same color, a tucked white crisp shirt, and dark navy shoes. Avoid tight-fitting chino and dark shirts at semi-formal events as they may look inappropriate while blending with the surroundings.

3. Suit Shorts

The short suit, a more casual approach to detailing, has made a recent comeback over the years on many occasions, appearing at many fashion shows and catwalks, and has created quite a statement in the industry.

Men’s earlier short suits, known as breeches, were popular between the sixteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Over the years, they have been more refined and modified as per trends and wearability.

Navy short suits make fantastic office event attire for both men and women. While these navy suits are more common among women as formal costumes, they bring out an elegant flare in men and are much more viable during summer office wear and events.

A proper navy blue tuxedo for men includes short pants, a jacket with an occasional waistcoat, and a bow tie. A tucked-in crisp white or off-white shirt or pleated shirt is a great combo to go with. It is suggested to wear a semi-fit rather than a tight thigh-fit short to allow maximum airflow for a cooler outlook.

4. Cargo Shorts

These baggy pants are a necessary go-to travel wardrobe for men. These combat shorts are ideal for camping and hiking as extra pockets support all your travel essentials. For cargo shorts, the hues like navy, khaki, olive, and brown are advised.

Navy baggies are basically chino pants with pockets. This relaxed look is the ideal fusion of fashion and utility. Outfits with navy blue cargo can be anything from pale or light-colored t-shirts to polos and tank tops. A light round-necked t-shirt topped with a checkered or dark full-sleeved shirt combo is an excellent casual day-out attire.

navy blue cargo shorts for men with white t shirt

For an easygoing look that will last the entire summer, pair baggies with a comfortable t-shirt and sneakers. These pants have a loose fit at the hips. Therefore, make sure it is not overly loose as it may ruin your whole outlook.

5. Denim Shorts

No matter the latest fashion trends, a solid pair of jeans or denim shorts are a spring and summer wardrobe necessity. Made from the same materials as jeans, they come in a variety of lengths, with some being cut at two to four inches above the knee cap, while some women’s short shorts end up at one to three inches in inseam length.

There is nothing that can go wrong with knee-length navy denim. Any light t-shirt or a polo shirt paired with light trainers can be worn with ease to reflect the summer sunshine.

Outfit Ideas for Navy Blue Shorts

A casual men’s outfit idea that goes with navy blue Bermuda can be a red t-shirt topped with an olive green jacket and white sneakers. This is a quick and effortless option to go with any outing or date.

For a neat semi-formal attire, a sky-blue tee topped with a regular fit overshirt matching the color of your chino and a pair of white low-neck converse can bring out a contrasty look.

A stylish party dress idea for women with navy blue shorts is adding a pop of color with a white-blue polka dot skirt, a beige crop jacket, and a pair of chino. To top it off, a pair of white high-heel sandals give off a chic vibe and grab nearby attention.

navy blue shorts for women with blue top

Business attire for women is more about mixing layers of neutral-colored clothing like suits, skirts, and blazers. A sleeveless white blouse or white collared shirt can look stylish tucked into white-blue Bermudas or linen shorts with dark blue pumps.


No matter what your height or physique is, you can always look great in a pair of shorts. While navy blue is a neutral color, it looks really good with almost any color, even all shades of itself. If you don’t have any navy shorts in your wardrobe yet, we suggest you get one today, blend yourself with all the possible outfits for your everyday wear, and be a step ahead in the fashion game.

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