What Goes with Khaki Shorts: Best Outfit Ideas to Style with

What Goes with Khaki Shorts

Khaki pants might be the most common apparel in every man’s or woman’s closet. For boys, chinos may bring back memories of your old school uniform, your scout sessions with your physical training teachers from college days, or even your mom forcing you to wear them for Sunday church gatherings.

Over the course of time, shorts have become quite the fashion trend among adults as they are comfortable and match the widest variety of clothing. Here, we will dive deep into what goes with this favorite pair of pants for styling your various looks.

Choosing the Right Fit For Khaki Shorts

If you are willing to purchase that versatile pair of shorts to beat the summer heat, we recommend you buy a pair of chino or khaki shorts. There is a lot you can wear with trousers, but choosing the perfect fit pants is the most crucial thing in the first place.

Usually, half-pants with a pleated stripe style at the front match perfectly with most men with fuller or hefty thighs and buttocks. Make sure it fits just fine on your waistline, neither too tight nor too loose, such that you don’t need to wear a belt. These bring out the masculine look with the perfect pairings.

Tailored chino shorts would be the best choice for men with a slimmer build or more delicate bone structure. The tailored ones also tend to be a bit on the shorter side, which also needs to be considered. So, considering your height and the length of the shorts, you need to figure out the perfect measure for your pants, preferably the one that ends 2-3 inches above your knees.

right fit for khaki shorts

Origin and Types of Men’s Khaki Pants

The word khaki, which translates as “soil or dirt color,” is from the Urdu language, which itself is from Persian. During the Boer War in 1899, the British soldiers were known as the “khakis,” because they frequently wore the earth-colored uniform.

Back then, these pants were made from handwoven chino fabrics. Today, we refer to beige pants by names like “chinos” or simply “khakis,” but chinos are more of a fashion statement. Although both terms are at times used interchangeably, there remain some distinctions between chino and khaki. The simplest way to distinguish them apart is that chinos are generally business wear, while khakis can be either smart casual or semi-formal.

Apart from these two, the beige color also appears on various men’s short types like classic khakis, jeans, cargo or carpenter shorts, and joggers. Classic shorts are flat front with hidden stitches, usually made from heavy cotton materials for cozy wear. These can be worn as both office and casual wear.

Cargo slacks differ a lot from others due to their mobility with extra pockets and make fantastic outdoor wear for travel and leisure. They are typically loose on the legs, allowing for good circulation and comfort.

These beige jean shorts are actually jorts in beige and make great casual and work pants. Joggers are basically running shorts with lighter materials for absorbing sweat during workouts and can also be blended with an elastic waist for a better fit.

Styling Your Favorite Khaki Shorts

Depending on the weather type, there are many outfits that go well with chino half pants. During the warm summer weather, the best way to dress them is to couple them with button-down half-sleeved shirts.

In terms of colors, a blue shirt and short pants make a great pair for office wear. A blue and pink checkered shirt can make your outfit look more casual and relaxed and is appropriate for outdoor events. A tucked-in white or blue shade full-sleeve button shirt can be your go-to office wear with well-fit beige shorts.

styling khaki shorts with blue shirt

Another popular matchup is the polo shirt and khaki duo. These can be your staple attire for outdoor casual or beachside events to beat the summer heat. The color can range from light to semi-dark tones based on your personality.

The cooler winter weather cannot stop you from wearing your desired slacks when you know the right combination of layers to match your beige pants. In order to look your finest when the season starts to turn a little chilly, the trousers go well with long-sleeve tops. In the spring and fall, you will see a lot of people wearing thin sweaters with chino shorts.

If you are into workouts or doing outdoor activities, then topping off khaki gym shorts with dark tank tops can give you a macho look. As for travelers, baggy half pants and long-sleeved checkered shirts are well-known styles. Depending on the outdoor heat, these can be interchanged with a round-neck t-shirt or even a t-shirt topped with a short-sleeved open-buttoned shirt.

Shirt Colors that Goes Well with Khaki

Because beige shorts are so versatile, you can wear them with any colored top. Given that khaki is regarded as a neutral color, it complements the majority of other hues nicely, like shades of gray and blue, white, and even black. Cream and lavender, as well as red shades like burgundy, maroon, and crimson, can be styled well with it.

If you have ever owned these pants, you cannot deny the fact that you have often paired them with blue tops like tees and shirts. Both tones are, in fact, reliable choices for clothing that looks fantastic in a variety of settings. You can easily apply a variety of blue shades depending on the gradients of your beige. Blue shades can work pretty well with clothes like formal shirts, coats, and blazers.

Grey shirts are another neutral piece of clothing that goes pretty much with anything. This is generally a light tone of black, another color that complements your beige shorts. A simple ensemble to pull off is a pair of chinos and a gray t-shirt or sweater. You can also add some class with a tucked-in white shirt and a gray or black blazer combo with your slacks.

Although brown and khaki are rather similar, you can still use them together if you choose contrasting tones. A dark brown T-shirt with a light chino makes a great casual duo. Long-sleeved dark brown trousers make a good semi-casual attire that you can achieve by combining them with your pants.

Red is a stand-out and brightest color that works really well if you want to grab attention at an office or semi-formal event. While pairing red and khaki, a pro tip is to balance out the costume with the addition of a light tone like gray or even white. For example, you can create a balance of contrast by wearing a pure white round-neck t-shirt with a combo of an unbuttoned red shirt and half pants.

Shoes to Consider with Khaki Shorts

Shoes are considered to be an important factor in completing and complementing your short outfits. You cannot just wear a random pair of shoes and attend any occasion. Your legs are more visible to people while wearing shorts, so your shoes, therefore, attract more attention.

A dual-tone of dark brown and black boat shoes is a sassy way to end your classic casual outlook. The idea here is not to cover your ankles, so you can wear no-show ankle socks.

Loafers make a splendid semi-formal recommendation for a preppy look with crisp beige half-pants. Sock-free suede loafers with a brown and khaki outfit combo make a classic combination.

A great pair of semi-high-top boots or ankle-length boots can give a great finish to a dressy or casual flare. These come with laces and are a must-have for men to make a great entry at events.

It goes without saying that sneakers are the ultimate accessory for a short outfit. Whether they are Converse or Keds, they are comfortable and pretty easy to match with any khakis. On the other hand, sandals go best with any half-trouser combination. Try going with flip-flops or less bulky belted sandals for a more effortless look during summer outdoor occasions.

man wearing khaki shorts outdoor with white sleeveless shirt and white sneakers
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Chino shorts are a style staple that never goes out of style. If your wardrobe has a pair of khaki shorts, you don’t need to be concerned about running out of style. These are some of those pieces of clothing that are well-balanced for all occasions, from date nights to travel pants, office wear, and casual wear. In light of our above discussion, we, therefore, encourage you to give your beige shorts a try and step up your fashion game.

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