What Goes with Grey Shorts: Your Ultimate Guide to Grey Shorts Outfit

Shorts are the new fashion trend. Whether you’re planning a relaxed, casual weekend look or formal attire for an event, you should consider shorts as your wardrobe necessity.

Grey (or gray) is a versatile color in terms of shorts if you are planning to pair them with any shirt, tank top, jacket, or hoodie. Grey shorts don’t particularly find themselves difficult to fit in modern style, but it can be rather confusing to pair them with the right color for your outfit.

Grey shorts can look really fashionable thanks to their variety and classy appearance. This article will guide you in making the right choice in terms of style, color, and accessory selections to complement several variations of your grey shorts.

Various Contrasts of Grey Shorts

Although you might think that black can go with the majority of styles, grey works far better because of its wide range of tones and shades. Black shades are basically dark shades of grey.

You can therefore consider buying multiple grey pants based on their light and dark hues and designs in one go without the confusion of getting similar ones. You can pick your favorite grey shades, ranging from charcoal, stone, nickel, gunmetal, Xanadu grey, and simple light, dark, and ash grey.

Matched Outfits with Various Grey Shorts

There are a lot of choices in terms of what goes with grey shorts based on the types of shorts you wear. You can find many options in the store based on your seasonal and occasional needs.

1. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are a type of short pants worn by both men and women as semi-casual clothing. These are also popularly known as dress shorts or walking shorts.

A crisp, light-colored button-down shirt goes well with grey dress shorts for men. You can either tuck your shirt in or leave it as it is, as per your mood. If you have a toned body, you can pair your shorts with a dark-themed, moderate-fitting round-necked T-shirt to look elegant.

casual street wear for men
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Pairing grey shorts with a light polka-dotted eyelet or lace top could be highly appealing for women. Sky blue or aqua blue colored pleats, ruffles, or a fuller sleeved top match well with grey Bermuda shorts as well. Any light-colored knotted tops that help extend your legs would be excellent, as these shorts cut off your leg line midway.

2. Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are the best option for beating the summer heat. Chino pants are typically twill-woven, lightweight, cotton-blend pants that come in various colors. These come in multiple lengths, with the most popular being the shorter ones that end 3-4 inches above the knee.

They can be toned down for a more casual look in men with a basic light or dark colored T-shirt or polo shirt or done up for a more formal look with a light blue or pink button-down checkered shirt to wear to a party or other special occasion. These are also known as golf shorts, as they are a popular choice among golfers.

Chino shorts are an ideal choice for women as workplace attire. A white or blue linen tucked-in collared shirt serves as a perfect office outfit with grey chinos. A black and white striped T-shirt or a printed top paired with a cropped coat also complements dark ash chino shorts.

3. Gym or Running Shorts

Gym shorts are made to allow the most movement and mobility possible while exercising. Most running shorts have an inside lining that serves as both underwear and clothing. These are comfortable and mostly made of polyester fabric.

For both men and women, grey gym shorts can be paired with light or dark black, light pink, yellow, or orange T-shirts and tank tops to turn heads. Women can also pair them with red or black crop tops, which can help draw attention while they work out. During the winter, they can also be topped with a hoodie for a comfortable look.

3. Jean/Denim Shorts

A reliable pair of jeans or denim shorts are a wardrobe essential for summer and spring looks regardless of fashion trends. There are some quirks to wearing jean shorts or jorts for men. Unless you’re John Cena, your jean shorts should usually end above the knee.

Finding a pair that is the proper length is key to wearing them; we thus advise looking for ones that end just above the knee. The darker the grey shade of the shorts, the more elegant they look on men.

Men can typically top it off with a black or dark blue tee or a dark brown or white button-down shirt. Bright patterned shirts are also widely worn during the summer heat, which adds comfort and extra coolness. A denim jacket with a pair of white canvas shoes makes up a total winter dress code.

For women, a white, pink, yellow, or any light-colored crop top can really set off the grey denim shorts. A black puffed sleeve or draped blouse is an excellent pairing with light grey shorts as a party or casual wardrobe option. You can even belt up your shirts with a black or dark red tank top and pair them up with a semi-thin blazer or sweater for an off-duty bossy look.

4. Suit Shorts

A suit with shorts may be the perfect choice if you need to wear a grey suit to a wedding, the office, a graduation celebration, or any event during warm weather. When entering an event hall or office, wearing a suit with grey shorts can help you stand out. 

Both men and women can look great in grey suits, which can be worn with a white full-sleeved shirt or blouse tucked under the suit jacket. To complete the look, you can also try to pair your grey short suit with a killer pair of grey shoes.

For women, a pair of black high heels can do the trick. To complete the men’s look, they can complement their suits with brown shoes or white sneakers.

What Color Shirts Go with Grey Shorts

1. Blue

For starters, grey and blue are a great match for men. Shorts in light grey can be easily partnered with a blue shirt for a formal, masculine look. This combination hits a relaxed vibe and a cool outlook. As grey shorts or pants are workplace staples, a mid-blue shirt can jazz up the office outfit of women.

casual beach wear for men
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2. White

Probably the most common color, a white shirt, can be paired with almost any pair of shorts or pants. So the combination of white and grey is like the rule of thumb. Both men and women look great in ash grey shorts paired with a white shirt for an elegant and formal look.

3. Brown and Yellow

Another recommendation is to wear a brown shirt with warm grey shorts if you own one. Brown shirts are now getting popular among men due to their casual and formal vibe. Yellow-mustered shirts also go well during beach camping and family events.

4. Red

A red shirt is more of a bold color choice to wear with grey shorts. Once rare, they have become quite predominant when it comes to office wear and official and unofficial events. Red shirts, like white shirts, look great on men at any formal or casual event when paired with light or ash grey shorts.

Reds like burgundy, crimson, or even light reds like pink are an ideal color choices for women’s shirts or blouses. Together, topped with a checkered jacket and shorts, they make up the perfect dress for the office.

Outfit Ideas with Grey Shorts

1. For Casual Look

  • Men: to achieve a modern dapper look, you can rock a round-necked navy T-shirt with grey shorts. A pair of dark brown kicks will add a more crisp look.
  • Men: Another casual combination can be a mustered crew neck or a polo with a dual-colored t-shirt tucked in with charcoal grey shorts. Pairing it with black and white canvas gives it a final touch.
  • Women: A refreshing female dress code can be dark grey shorts with pleats worn with a crop top with black pattern ruffles—a pair of white jogging shoes to complete the outfit.

2. For Semi-formal Look

  • Men: When you’re running short on time but want to look formal, a white short-sleeved shirt paired with a light grey blazer, shorts, and dark navy low-top sneakers are a simple solution.
  • Women: For a sleek and classy look, combine light grey shorts with a pink undershirt and a dark grey blazer. Top it off with low-top flat sneakers.
semi-formal look for women
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  • Women: Dark denim shorts with a simple black full-sleeved top and a pair of high-top black canvas sounds easy but works like a charm for a semi-formal outlook.


When it comes to grey shorts or pants, the combination of clothes to match them is plenty. Due to the neutral nature of its color, you will barely run out of options for any casual or formal events.

If you own a pair of grey shorts, now is the time to try the outfit ideas listed above in this article.

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