Types of Shorts – The Best Seasonal Outfit Ideas

Types of Shorts

As wearing shorts is pretty standard among women, most guys will probably feel anxious about what to pair with them. We are pretty sure many men out there own a pair of shorts but are never sure what outfits to match or complement them.

A decent pair of shorts can bring you a lot of satisfaction. Shorts are comfortable clothing, and we sometimes become too conscious of our bodies that we deprive ourselves of the pleasure of setting our legs free.

This article will hook you up with the latest trending outfit ideas for your shorts to level up your fashion game.

A Brief History of Shorts

Although shorts may seem like a recent thing, they were invented in the late nineteenth century. Initially worn as part of school uniforms, they started to become popular when getting a part of adult wardrobes in the 20th century.

Tennis player Alice Marble was the first woman to wear shorts in 1933. Over the years, shorts have changed in terms of their appearance, shape, and style, thanks to the fashion icons or celebrities who have turned out to be the trendsetters of this apparel.

Men’s wearing shorts became a fashion item during the late 1950s when Hollywood star Marlon Brando and other actors started wearing them in public. Shorts were most popular throughout the 1970s as a social outfit. Men were seemingly showing off their shorts everywhere, be it faded denim shorts, chino shorts, or summer shorts.

Summer Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

As a  man, you can wear anything with any shorts you have in summer. But learning to match the perfect short outfit can make you look more desirable and light-minded in summer.

1. Comfy Shorts to Beat Summer Heat

There is nothing that can go wrong with linen shorts in the hot summer. The lightweight fabric of these shorts makes them comfortable and cool clothing to beat the summer heat. It is recommended to choose a linen-cotton blend if you want to preserve the ease of coziness at its peak while minimizing creases.

For a semi-formal look, you can wear your linen shorts with a light checkered button-down shirt and a dark-colored canvas for a bossy look. A popular trend is light-colored linen shorts paired with a light-toned polo shirt or a Hawaiian semi-fit shirt and a pair of flip-flops to sum up your casual beach look.

guy wearing shorts with shirt outdoor
Credit: duckheadapparel on Instagram

For another comfy outfit, navy shorts paired with a floral half-sleeve shirt and a good pair of low-top white sneakers will give you a proper summer look.

2. Combining Cargos for Traveling Vibe

Cargo shorts look best with t-shirts because of their casual style and color. These are a staple choice for travelers during the summer. These come with baggy pockets, with or without flaps. In addition to plain shirts, plaid shirts also look great with cargo shorts.

Cargo shorts are all about the extra belongings you carry in your pockets. Therefore, choosing the right shirt is the best solution for complementing cargo shorts based on the pattern you are going for. For example, a blue-patterned shirt goes well with a pair of camouflage cargo pants and brown sandals.

A traveler’s outfit with cargo shorts includes wearing a white t-shirt and an open denim full-sleeve shirt and pairing them with low-top light hiking shoes or gripped sandals.

3. Going Official with Shorts

Chino shorts are cotton, lightweight shorts made for a comfortable fit. They are mainly worn as formal and semi-formal attire. A pair of khaki men’s chinos are also a recent classic trend among men.

Chino shorts are shorter than usual, making them comfortable for long walks. We recommend you opt for a sky-blue button-down shirt tucked in and belt it with a pair of white or cream chinos. Make sure your sleeves are rolled right below your elbows and paired with brown or blue Oxford shoes.

chino shorts with shirt tucked in

Suit shorts were sensational costumes during the mid-70s when ACDC’s Angus Young started wearing them and shredding guitars on stage during the Back in Black album world tour. Over the years, suit shorts have become trendier among men.

Short suits can be your formal go-to-go dress code for official parties during the summer. It holds the dignity of a regular suit, but with a more practical solution to cope with the summer heat. If you are opting for a dark short suit, try choosing a light-colored shirt and vice versa for a more masculine look.

4. Casual Summer Occasion Look

Washed-out or faded jean shorts or denim shorts are popular among youngsters. Jean shorts or jorts pair well with round or v-neck shirts and low-top black or dark blue canvas.

Denim shorts are widely worn by both men and women. The length of these shorts varies depending on your taste, depending on whether you are comfortable with more or less leg length.

You can dress up for a special date on a summer evening with colorful chinos paired with a white t-shirt and your favorite canvas shoes. Fashionable American eagle brown khaki with a light pink shirt can top up your fashionable summer vibe.

Summer Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

With the summer season, you can refresh your wardrobes with a wide collection of short summer outfits for your various occasions.

1. Flaunting with Short Shorts

These beautiful shorts welcome the bright and carefree sunny days ahead for women. They are perfectly suited for showing off your legs and expressing your confidence during parties, beach outings, backyard barbecues, and spring get-togethers.

short shorts for women

They are the most fascinating since you can find them in various designs and materials, including corduroy, Bermuda shorts, yoga shorts, denim shorts, patterned shorts, tie-dye, and dolphin shorts to name a few. As a consequence, you have access to a virtually endless array of styling options.

For example, pairing your favorite denim shorts with a silk tank top and pink cardigan can give you a refined and lively look, and finishing the dress code with bright red ballerina heels can give you a refined and lively look.

2. Pairing Animal Print or Dotted Shorts

Printed shorts transform you into a brand new person who can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Animal print shorts are a wild trend among fashionable women in 2022.

Leopard-printed shorts can easily be tuned with a sleeveless bright-colored matching button-down shirt. Comfortable tiger-printed shorts can beautifully complement anything from a tucked-in long-sleeve blouse with a black belt to a crew neck sweater and a pair of dark brown printed sandals.

3. Exploring with Baggy Shorts

Loose-fitting baggy shorts have come a long way and are now more adapted and designed to make them more suitable in the workplace and outdoors alike. Printed or dotted baggy shorts look amazing when worn with a big loose round-neck t-shirt or oversized shirt, tugged at the sides, and finished with a pair of flat sandals.

women wearing shorts with tucked in t shirt
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Baggy shorts are summer’s favorite choice for women due to their ease of movement and proper air circulation. If you are willing to go for a younger look, you can put together a white crew-neck top tee with brown baggy shorts with less effort. You can finish it off with a pair of white or light blue heels.

Winter Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

Shorts are typically ideal for war days, but they are also stapled for wear during the winter.

1. Printed Shorts Topped with Tight Sweaters

Shorts are a preferable and chic option for women during the winter. High-quality wool or denim material-based shorts can be your best option during outdoor winter days. They can easily be paired with a tight white, cream, or light yellow sweater, long woolen socks, and high-heeled winter boots.

If the winters are rough, you can best complement the attire with tight woolen shorts and a fitted woolen-collared button-down sweater.

2. Going Official with Retro Shorts

A dark-colored tight woolen turtleneck with black and white printed semi-fit Bermuda shorts is a comfortable office workplace option during the winter. For a more sexy look during office events, a dark black extra-long blazer with a collared white button-down shirt tucked into tight black shorts will turn a few heads.

retro shorts as office wear for women

3. Short Outfits for Outdoor Parties

Sleek leather shorts are common in all seasons. For the chilly winter months, leather women’s shorts are especially relevant since you can dress them up with an oversized cardigan or knit sweatshirt, a pair of stunning boots, and long leggings to complete your look.

Winter Shorts Outfit Ideas for Men

Winter is a fun season for men. They can top anything with their shorts if they like. But winters can be rough if you don’t know the correct styling of clothing to go through the layers.

1. Layering with Coats

Choosing the perfect office outfit during the winter can be quite intimidating. If you are wearing light-themed chino or Bermuda shorts, go for charcoal black or navy blue blazers with white low-top sneakers.

A quick and easy semi-formal winter option can be grey khaki shorts with a navy tee. For a complete finish, a dark blue Harrington jacket will do the job for that style element. For a more business-like look, you can wear a thick dark turtleneck matched with light-colored chino shorts topped with a white coat.

2. Overall Denim Style

There is no way we can forget to wear denim clothing during the winter. There are a lot of options for denim layering in terms of occasions and surroundings. You can put on denim or a thick fabric shirt and then top it off with a denim jacket paired with denim shorts and white sneakers.

As denim shorts come in various shades, try to go for a darker tone to match your denim jacket. 

3. Hoodies and Sweaters

Hoodies go pretty well with various types of shorts. Hoodies and shorts make for a comfortable yet fashionable winter outfit. Boost up your whole outfit with multi-colored converse or sneakers.

Credit: sweatscollective on Instagram

During winter workouts, hoodies are a must to pair with your gym shorts. For a more casual look, a single-color hoodie is widely worn across the world. Sweaters are the most enjoyable winter clothing item after winter coats.

Almost all sweaters match well with chino shorts, especially printed wool sweaters, cuffed sweaters, and more. These are elegant choices for office wear and events during the winter.


Shorts are the ultimate comfort zone. They are versatile in their purpose and usability. There is no need to worry about shorts because they are always in style and you can master them if you acquire the proper look and fit.

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