9 Different Types of Leather Jackets (With Historical Background)

different types of leather jacket

Fashion is a way to express yourself. And combining style and craftsmanship to create elegant and edgy looks takes fashion to another level of elegance. 

In the distinct world of fashion accessories, leather jackets are staples. These jackets fit almost every attire and occasion. 

However, the leather jackets are available in various types. And if you want to get one for yourself, knowing the type and their uses are vital. So, we created this list discussing the most common and fashionable types of leather jackets. Also, a detailed buying guide and historical data about the jackets have been added as a bonus. So, let’s roll it on and lighten the darkness.  

9 Different Types of Leather Jackets (Style, Elegance, and Luxury)

Leather jackets are classic and adaptable clothing item that has become popular in many different styles and cultures. If you love fashion, you should get these shoes. The leather jacket styles are stylish, comfortable, and durable. Let’s check out 9 different leather jackets and what makes each one special.

1. Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket
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The biker jacket is a classic leather option that looks stylish and cool. This jacket is for everyone, even if you don’t own a motorcycle. You can choose from different colors and features to make it your own. 

The biker jacket is both functional and stylish, as it is made from strong and durable leather. This kind of jacket was originally invented for bikers to stay safe and warm in bad weather and accidents. It’s made of thick leather that can resist wind and rain. If you fall, it helps protect you from getting scraped or scratched.

These jackets are usually short, reaching the top of the hips or above, and have a straight, loose fit. The jacket has a big leather collar that folds halfway. Pockets, zippers, snaps, and buckles make the jacket look better. Biker jackets come in different leather types, such as cowhide and bison. They are typically thicker and firmer. They come in black, brown, white, or red to suit different styles.

2. Moto Jacket

Moto Jacket
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The Moto jacket is a stylish version of the classic motorcycle jacket but is not as functional. It’s a stylish and fun item that anyone can wear. This jacket fits closely to your body and has cool features that make you look even cooler when you wear it. The moto jacket was made for sport bike riders. It has tough leather to protect against weather, wind, and crashes. The strong leather protected against scratches and injuries, and extra padding and stitching made it stronger. The modern versions of the Moto jacket still have many of these stylized features.

The jacket fits snugly around the waist and goes down to the hips. It usually has one big zipper on the front, often placed to one side to make it look interesting. This jacket has big collars and lapels descending past the collarbone, making it look very bold. This jacket is designed to look good rather than serve a specific purpose. It comes in different types of leather, including soft ones that fit the body’s curves well. The Moto jacket has extra design features like buckles, zippers, and pockets to make it look cooler. It is one of the best men’s leather jackets.

3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket
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The bomber jacket is a warm and durable jacket that pilots originally wore. It’s a great option for both men and women. This leather jacket style has been around since the 1800s. You can find it in vintage or contemporary versions, which makes it a great addition to your fall or winter wardrobe, no matter how old you are.

The bomber jacket has a comfortable fit with a narrow waist and a basic style accentuated by a zipper in the middle. The stretchy material at the waist and cuffs makes the jacket look better and keeps you warmer by stopping cold air and snow from getting in. In addition, bomber jackets come in different types of leather like Nappa, goat, or lamb, which makes them feel soft and smooth. These flexible materials align with the jacket’s tight waist fit, creating an attractive flow around the body.

4. Flight Jacket

Flight Jacket
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The flight jacket is an improved version of the bomber jacket, designed specifically for pilots with practical features. The United States Army made this style popular in 1917 by issuing it as a standard jacket for pilots on active duty, although it had existed before. Even after 100 years, people still love and use flight jackets because they are practical and stylish for both genders. 

This jacket is both stylish and functional. The clothing has a straight fit without narrowing at the waist or wrists. The flight jacket is different because it has warm insulation inside. This material keeps pilots warm by insulating effectively. In addition, it is soft and thick. 

Flight jackets can have extra pockets, patches, pulls, and stitching to make them more useful, depending on personal style. This coat is great for everyone because it keeps you warm and looks good. You’ll wear it a lot during fall and winter. You can find flight jackets made of leather, such as tough cowhide or smooth lambskin. The classic dark brown leather jacket, inspired by the US Army, is widely available in various colors.

5. Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather Jacket
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Leather comes from animal hide, usually from cows or sheep, and is treated with tanning. Some people choose not to use leather products because they want to avoid harming animals and prefer to use sustainable materials. People who don’t eat animal products often prefer to use fake leather or other substitutes that look and feel like real leather but don’t harm animals.

Faux leather is made by mixing plastic with wax, polyurethane, and dye to create a material that looks like leather. Faux leather products are similar to genuine leather in durability, weather resistance, and insulation. However, faux leather is cheaper because it’s made faster. Faux leather can look and feel like real leather jackets and coats. You can find many options for faux leather jackets like biker, motorcycle, varsity, and field jackets. Fake leather is a flexible substitute that can be used in many ways.

6. Racer Jacket

Racer Jacket
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The racer leather jacket is a modern version of the traditional biker jacket, with a similar design and sleek appearance. The racer jacket is more about style than practicality. It’s a fashionable item that anyone can wear regardless of age or gender. The racer jacket has a modern fit and custom features that give it a European style.

The racer leather jacket has a simple and sleek design, similar to other motorcycle jackets. However, the racer jacket is different from a traditional biker jacket because it doesn’t have a folded collar with lapels. People often choose softer leathers for racer jackets because they are not designed for performance. You can get this jacket style in soft lamb’s leather, Nappa leather, or suede. 

Also,You can choose the jacket in different colors: brown, black, red, white, cream, or blue. The racer jacket looks great with a hooded layer because it doesn’t have a folded collar. You can wear the leather jacket over a hoodie or sweater to stay dry and stylish at the same time.

7. Leather Blazer

Leather Blazer
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The leather blazer is a fashionable and elegant item that can enhance any outfit, giving a sleek and polished look. This is perfect for fall and winter. Wear it under or over a coat to add warmth and texture to your wardrobe. The leather blazer is ideal for anyone, giving off a gentle and secure vibe that will get noticed. This leather jacket is very popular among women and is a must-have for anyone who cares about fashion.

Different manufacturers may have slightly different cuts for the leather blazer. Depending on your desired look, some blazers are longer or shorter than others. These blazers are usually longer and moderately fitted to the body. Leather blazers are generally made from soft leather since they are mainly used for fashion. 

People often use lambskin but can also use goatskin leather or suede. The jacket comes in different colors, like brown, black, beige, white, or red. The leather blazer is popular because it can be worn in many ways. You can wear it alone or under a coat. You can wear a collared shirt and tie to make it formal or a well-fitted sweater to keep it casual. 

8. Leather Coat

Leather Coat
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A leather coat is a great addition to your collection. It offers warmth, durability, and a sleek appearance. You can choose the length, style, and finish you like the most. Leather coats are great for winter weather. They protect and keep you warm. Men and women can wear them.

Leather coats come in different lengths; some are longer than others. These coats usually fit snugly and narrow down at the waist. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a classic collar and lapel or a modern mock collar. 

Leather coats are fancy and made from smooth materials like lambskin or goatskin. This makes the leather feel soft and flexible, hanging nicely on your body. You can get the leather coat in many colors like brown, black, tan, light beige, and white. You can enhance your appearance by wearing leather gloves that match the style or color of your outfit.

9. Full Grain Leather Jacket

Full Grain Leather Jacket
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The leather jacket made of full grain leather is very well crafted and a luxury leather jacket. This is made from the top layer of animal skin, keeping the natural texture to show its beauty. This leather jacket is made of high-quality full-grain leather, which gives it a classic and sophisticated look. 

It lasts long, so you can wear it for many years and love it. Full-grain leather is strong and thick, which makes it great for protection and keeping you warm. It also feels nice and soft to the touch. Full-grain leather takes the design of a biker jacket, blazer, or bomber jacket to a luxurious level. This leather jacket is made with great care and attention to detail. It represents sophistication, self-assurance, and excellent fashion sense.

Things to Consider When Buying a leather jacket?

To choose a fashionable leather jacket, consider a few factors in mind. Here are a few key points to consider to find the best leather jackets:

Qualityful Leather 

First, check if the leather is good. Search for jackets made of real leather like cowhide or lambskin. They are long-lasting, soft, and feel luxurious. Make sure the texture is even, the material is flexible, and there are no noticeable marks or flaws.

Fit and Silhouette 

A leather jacket that fits you well can quickly improve your fashion sense. Think about how the jacket’s shape looks on you and if it flatters your body. Make sure your shoulders are aligned, the clothing length is correct, and the sleeves fit properly. Wearing clothes that fit well will make you feel more confident and look put together.

Style and Design 

There are many different leather jacket styles, each with its own look. Choose a jacket style that you like and that fits your lifestyle. You can pick from biker jackets, bomber jackets, or blazers. Ensure you notice the collar styles, where the zipper or buttons are placed, and any extra decorations.

Comfort and Ease of Movement

Think about how comfortable the jacket is to wear. The leather should be soft and flexible, so you can move easily without feeling constrained. Ensure your place has good airflow, especially in a hot area. A good leather jacket should be both stylish and comfortable.

History of Leather Jackets

Leather jackets have been around for a long time. Pilots first wore them in the early 1900s to keep them warm while flying. Later, in the 1950s, they became popular among young people as a symbol of rebellion and coolness. Today, leather jackets are still a popular fashion item worn by people of all ages and styles.

Leather jackets were created in the early 1900s for practical reasons. Pilots wore leather jackets during World War I to stay warm and protected from the harsh weather at high altitudes. The first jackets were made of horsehide leather and had buttons or zippers in the front. They also had tight cuffs and high collars to keep you warm and safe.

Leather jackets are still popular and can show off traditional and modern styles. They come in different styles like the biker jacket, racer jacket, and blazer. These jackets were originally functional but have become timeless pieces of attire.

Final Thoughts

Leather jackets are classic fashion icons that combine style, attitude, and craftsmanship. Leather jackets make you feel confident and empowered, besides looking good. Wearing them shows your unique style and personality.If you wear a leather jacket for its usefulness, durability, or to look good, it becomes more than just a piece of clothing. 

9 types of leather jackets cater to different styles, from classic to modern. Whether you like a tough or classy look, you can find a leather jacket that will improve your wardrobe and last for years. Wear leather jackets to show your unique style, confidence, and fashion sense.

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