Wearing Shorts With Tights is Back in Fashion: Trendiest Outfit Ideas

Shorts With Tights

In recent years, there has been a revolutionary change in women’s fashion. Across the board, women’s fashion has reached a new level with a variety of styling accessories. Fashion enthusiasts are getting creative in finding the right match between comfort and style.

Wearing shorts with tights can be one of those outfits that are stylish and fashionable at the same time. With some modifications and creativity, fashion icons and celebrities have transformed shorts and tights into a mainstream fashion trend. 

If you also love wearing shorts with tights, you’ll have a plethora of styling options without sacrificing your comfort. So check out some wonderful outfit ideas to upgrade your style. 

1. Shorts and Tights With Boots

Boots are an amazing fashion accessory that can help you achieve an elegant look. It can do so even when you want a gorgeous outfit with shorts and tights. With matching boots, you can turn even a casual outfit into a charismatic look.

But you have to be precise when choosing boots for shorts and tights outfit. You can, for instance, choose leather boots and fur boots as they’re awesome from a fashion perspective. 

Besides, weather and season can also play a big part in your boot selection with this outfit. You might go for ankle-length boots for summer and spring. For winter, knee-length boots can be a more preferable option for you. Don’t forget to add a crossbody bag as a beautiful accessory to fulfill your outfit. 

2. Shorts With Fishnet

You can go for various types of tights under your shorts but if you want a bold style, you have to go with fishnet tights. These funky and edgy tights will change the dynamics of your looks. If you want to make a statement with your outfit, a combo of fishnet tights with shorts is the perfect way to go. 

Besides, fishnet tights have turned out to be a hugely popular fashion trend among young women in recent times. With a pair of ankle boots and comfy shorts, you can rock the fashion trend with this cool outfit.

styling fishnet tights with shorts

3. Denim Shorts With Tights

Denim is a familiar clothing item for a cozy outfit. Because of their comfort, you might be inclined to wear them during casual outdoor activities. But denim can also be a great way to showcase style as well. 

With the right combo of denim shorts and tights, you can get a fantastic outfit where comfort meets fashion. Whether it’s a party or a casual outing, you can’t go wrong with denim shorts and tights. 

For this look, however, color contrast is important. Choose blue denim shorts and a pair of black tights to make an eye-catching appearance. Denim shorts gives you various styling options as well. You can choose to wear high-waisted blue denim shorts with tights. You can also wear a black or grey blazer on top for a complete look. A leather jacket can also be a great option when you combine it with denim pants and tights. 

4. Shorts Over Leggings

Leggings are often mistakenly referred to as another version of tights. Although they share many similarities, there are some considerable differences between tights and leggings. Usually, leggings are much thicker than tights, and unlike tights, they’re footless. You can often wear leggings as pants. But leggings can be a great alternative to tights in certain situations. 

Since leggings are made with opaque material, you can wear them with formal outfits. You can easily go to work and attend meetings wearing shorts over leggings. It’s even more effective in the winter season. Leggings are thicker than typical tights. So wearing leggings in the winter season will give you better protection from cold. They also provide some vibrant and exciting colors. So you can wear leggings that match your tops and accessories. 

Besides, you can check out some wonderful outfit ideas with leggings if you want to have more options.

5. Colored Tights With Shorts

Color is one of the main aspects of women’s clothing. You are probably among the majority of women who love to experiment with colors to make their outfits stand out from the rest. If you want a unique look for your tights with shorts outfit, you must focus on finding the right color combination. 

Women’s tights come in a wide range of colors. So you’ll have plenty of options to experiment with colorful tights. You can match the color of your tops with your tights. You can also add different colored tops to create a nice color contrast with your tights.

To add a different dimension to your outfit, you can include your favorite shoes into the outfit. It’s recommended to choose knee-high boots that will help the color of the tights to pop up. Besides, you can also go for a matching handbag or a pair of heels for an elegant look. 

6. Shorts With Tights for Workout

If you are a regular gym-goer, then you must choose your workout outfit carefully. It’s essential to wear the right clothing items for your intense workout sessions. An outfit with shorts and tights might be just the thing you need in this sort of scenario. You must have seen men wearing compression tights under shorts while training and working out. Now women are also embracing these outfits because of their efficiency and benefits. 

shorts with tights for women

Compression tights usually increase the blood flow of the legs and help with the overall blood circulation of the body. As a result, they allow you to train and work out for a longer period. 

Compression tights are usually thicker than regular tights and they’re more durable. They come in different colors like black, white and grey. You can choose your favorite color and pair these tights with jogging shorts or baseball shorts. Add some comfy sneakers with matching colors for some extra styling. With this outfit, you can last longer during your workout session without needing long breaks.

7. Patterned Tights With Shorts

To level up your fashion game and keep up with the fashion world, you need to embrace the newest fashion trends. One of the best examples of the newest and hottest trend is the patterned tights. They have taken the fashion world by storm with some beautifully patterned designs. These new types of tights have also been able to create a new appeal among the youths. This new design of tights is bringing a vintage vibe and the girls are loving it.

One of the biggest advantages of patterned tights is that they can beautify your dress up naturally. With various patterns and designs, you’ll have tons of options to try out new looks. You can make endless combinations when you pair these tights with different types of shorts. When your pair them with shirts and denim shorts, you’ll get a cute outfit that everyone will adore. 


Wearing shorts with tights can give you an opportunity to make a versatile outfit for yourself. You’ll have the freedom to choose your favorite colors and clothing accessories to come up with some unique outfits that match the current fashion trend. Try out some of the outfit ideas you just learned in this article and unleash your creativity to explore the fashion world.

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