Shirts That Make You Look Skinny

shirts that make you look skinny

Yes, some shirts can make you look way more skinny and fitter. But, on the other hand, some shirts and outfits might make you a bit exposed. This is why you should wear shirts that make you look skinny for special events. Today I will show you the shirts and outfits that make you look thinner.

Shirts such as Polos, Button-down, and Overshirts are the best to consider. Because these shirts are designed to give you that sleek appearance, let’s explore them.

How To Look Skinny

There are various ways to style your clothes that make you look thinner. With better clothing, you could get a better impression on the public. As a result, you get to look slimmer and in size.

This is why you should use the techniques and clothing which make you look slimmer. It’s a perfect way to make yourself look good on any occasion. It’s a great relief for you as you don’t always have to diet and exercise.

List Of Shirts That Make You Look Skinny

Let’s talk about the shirts that make you look slimmer. Wear these shirts on special occasions, which will help you to get a slimmer look. These types of shirts are best too.

1. Button-Down Shirts

Button-Down Shirts to look skinny
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Regarding making your look slimmer, button-down shirts are the best. Because they create an illusion that hides your tummy, this is why people are less likely to notice your actual body shape.

For those who need to learn about button-down shirts, they are often shirts with buttons on the collar. That’s who you get to set the collar down. It could be one of the new and trendy styles of shirts that are out on the market. You should capitalize the fashion and make yourself look skinny.

2. Polos And T-Shirts

Wearing Polos to look thin
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Among tops that make you look slimmer, Polo T-shirts are the types of shirts that are popular across the globe. These kinds of shirts are great for hiding fat. Meanwhile, it helps you to look more fit and strong. The polo shirts are great options for any formal occasion as well.

The polo T-shirt can come in many colors and styles. But most of them work great to make you look fit. This kind of shirt is made with knitted cotton, which gives polo T-shirts a well-known pattern. Overall, it gives you a stylish outfit and makes your look look fitter.

3. Overshirts

Wearing Overshirts to look thin
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Whether winter or summer, overshirts are always a fashionable option. As the over shirts are worn on top of another shirt, it hides out your actual body fat. Moreover, these shirts are great ways to align yourself with the trends and fashions.

Most of all, these come with a lot of diversity and fashion. For example, they could be a great option when it comes to parties and similar kinds of actions. These kinds of shirts stay open but enough to provide you warm feelings in cold winters as well.

4. Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts to look thin
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Depending on your sweatshirt design, it could have hoods or not. These kinds of shirts are loose but stylish simultaneously, which is why it’s the best option for anyone who wants to look skinny.

At the same time, you need to be specific with the styles. Because the sweatshirts have a great variety. Moreover, most are for casual use, so you should be mindful of them.

5. Black Shirts

Black Shirts to look thin
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Whether you believe it or not, having a black shirt is the best option to hide out your excessive fat. Because black shirts have a lower complexion, it’s hard to determine your body shape. This is why you look more slim and fit at the same time. Perhaps, you need to make sure you wear the right color of black.

As they hide the curves of your body, you start to look more fitter. The attractiveness of you gets higher, and you look super in it. Black outfits always work great to make you look more young and energetic.

Clothes That Make Anyone Look Thinner

Apart from shirts other clothes can help you look thinner; for example, pairing pants that complete your look. You need to align your whole design to match the skinny outfit.

  1. Monochromatic Dressing

Monochromatic dressing is a type of clothing that consists of the same color elements. For example, if you are wearing blue color –  honey, you need to wear blue colored pants. This kind of dressing makes you look more skinny.

Apart from the same color aspect, the monochromatic dressing also represents simple dressing. Without any exterior color or designs, the monochromatic dress provides a slimmer look and feel, so you should have these kinds of dresses. They are trendy nowadays.

  1. Ruched Clothing

Ruched Clothing is a unique clothing type that provides ripple effects. Plus, it stitches many fabrics into a single place, so the dress looks more skinny and attractive.

You should select these kinds of dresses while you are dressing. If you’re female, these styling clothes will be the best option. They look modern and great as well.

  1. High-Waisted Bottoms

For females, high-waisted bottoms are the best option when looking skinny is the priority because these buttons provide a complete grip on the body, which hides out extra space around the wrist.

As a result, you get to make yourself look slimmer and finer. This is why wearing high-waisted bottoms is better than other options. These will make your appearance much better than before.

What Color Makes You Look Skinny

Colors like brown, purple, and black are the best option to look skinny. Because these colors are darker, these colors are best to create a  slimming illusion that hides your body’s extra fatness.

Moreover, one exception to this trend is the red one. These colors are also great for hiding the bulkiness and making you look slimmer and cooler. This is why you should always determine the color of your dress. Along with the dress structure, you need to also be spot-on with the color of your dress.

Tips To Look Look Thinner

When it comes to tips on looking slimmer, you could go for other tricks as well. For example, buy new underwear for a better appearance. Along with that, you should also buy out V-neck shirts that are new to the collection.

Moreover, you should wear innerwear in winter because underwear makes you look slim and skinny. Along with the innerwear, activewear can also be used. These kind of tricks are a lot useful to hide out things like belly fat and makes you look good.


That marks the end of our short but detailed guide on shirts that make you look skinny. Along with shirts, I have also gone through Other dressing options which will make you look skinny. Make sure to add these to your dressing options.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to try out new things regarding your outfit. You should always be open to new ideas because you might stumble upon great dressing ideas that will make you look good.


Shirts That Make You Look Skinny For Guys?

Shirts which have stripes on will be the best option to go on. Also, you need a pocket for the shirts; this trick always works.

Do V Necks Make You Look Thinner?

For males and females, the v-neck shirts are great because these will provide you with a slimmer appearance. In addition, these kinds of necks will provide a stylish.

Do Baggy Shirts Make You Look Skinny?

Whether the Bigger shirts make you look skinny depends on your body. For example, if it fits perfectly, it might help you to look fit. But if the shirt is not fitting well, it might work the other way around.

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