How to Wear Suspenders with Jeans: A Comprehensive Guide

how to wear suspenders with jeans

Fashion is always changing, and people use it to express themselves differently. The practice of wearing suspenders with jeans is one of these trends. 

As fashion changes, you might have thought, Are suspenders in style? It’s a cool trend that’s catching on! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to wear suspenders with jeans? We’ll review all the details so you can confidently rock this stylish look.

Know the Types of Suspenders 

You can choose from multiple types of suspenders, and each has its own look and use. Some of the most frequent ones are the following:

1. Clip-on Suspenders

Man in Clip-on Suspenders with Pink Shirt
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These suspenders clip onto your pants’ waistband. They’re really easy to use because you don’t have to change your clothes. But they might not hold your pants as securely as other types.

2. Button-on Suspenders 

Man wearing green t-shirt with Button-on Suspenders
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You need to sew buttons inside your pants’ waistband for these suspenders. They hook onto these buttons with leather loops or tabs. Button-on suspenders are more secure and are commonly regarded as more traditional and formal in appearance.

3. X-Back Suspenders

Man with a tattoo wearing brown leather X-Back Suspenders
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X-back suspenders have straps that cross in the back, making an “X” shape. This design helps spread the pressure equally on your shoulders and back. It can give you a classic or vintage look.

4. Y-Back Suspenders 

Photographer wearing Y-Back Suspenders
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Y-back suspenders have a strap that splits into two at the back, making a “Y” shape. They work like X-back suspenders but look slightly different and give a more modern vibe.

Choosing the right suspenders depends on what you like and where you’re going. Clip-on suspenders are easier to use, but button-on suspenders stay in place better. X-back and Y-back suspenders look different, so you can pick the one you like better. The best suspenders for you will depend on your style, what feels comfortable, and the occasion or outfit you want to wear them with.

How to Wear Suspenders with Jeans (Step-by-Step)

If you wear suspenders with jeans, it can make your outfit look cool and different. You can wear the combination casually or formally, depending on the event. Here’s a full step-by-step method on how to wear suspenders with jeans.

Step-1: Pick The Right Suspenders

Suspenders are usually made from leather, silk, or different kinds of fabric.

First, you need to pick the right suspenders. There are different styles, materials, and widths available. Thin suspenders (about half an inch) look modern and trendy, while wider ones (one inch or more) have a classic or vintage feel. 

If you want to wear jeans casually, you can use fabric or leather suspenders. Also, think about how the suspenders attach to your pants. They can have buttons or clips. Clip-on suspenders are an excellent alternative if your jeans don’t have suspender buttons. Otherwise, you’ll need to sew buttons onto your jeans.

The design and color of your suspenders can change your appearance a lot. If you want a classic look, wear solid colors like black, brown, or navy. Also, choose a bright color or a pattern to get more adventurous.

Step-2: Pick the Right Jeans

Some jeans don’t look good with suspenders. It’s better not to wear jeans that are too tight or too loose. Go for straight-leg or slightly tapered jeans for the best look. Wear your jeans at your natural waistline, not low-rise so that suspenders can keep them up properly. Dark jeans are a good choice because they look nice with suspenders and can be made fancier.

Step-3: Put The Suspenders On

To wear your suspenders,

  • First, clip them onto the back of your pants. 
  • Just ensure the underwear is in the center of your waist and the straps are straight. 
  • Now, just wear your jeans and pull the suspender straps over your shoulders. 
  • Clip the suspenders onto the front of your jeans, ensuring they’re in the middle and not crooked.

Step-4: Make the Adjustments

Suspenders can be adjusted to fit you properly. It’s important to get the right fit. Your belt should be snug enough to keep your jeans in place but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable or causes your pants to bunch up. Wearing suspenders properly makes a Y shape on your back and keep your pants at your waistline.

Step-5: Check Your Total Outfit

Think about the rest of your outfit when you’re choosing your style. Many people like wearing simple or patterned button-up shirts with suspenders and jeans. You can tuck in the shirt and show off the suspenders for a bold look or wear a jacket for a more subtle style.

Boots or brogues are great options for a casual and rugged look. If you want to look smarter, wear loafers or Oxford shoes.

Note: If you wear suspenders with jeans, make sure they match the rest of your outfit. Accessories should complement your look, not take away from it. You can also wear a wristwatch or glasses.

What are the Best Kinds of Pants for Wearing Suspenders?

If you want to wear suspenders, it’s best to wear pants that will be utilized with them. The following are some of the pants  that go well with suspenders:

  1. Dress Pants: Dress pants are a great option to wear suspenders. Try finding pants with buttons or loops for suspenders on the waistband. These loops or buttons help you attach the suspenders properly and ensure they fit well. 
  1. Trousers: Another good choice for suspenders is trousers. These pants are less formal than dress pants but still, look polished. You can also wear these pants to look classy and fashionable.
  1. Suit Pants: Suspenders are a great way to make suit pants look fancy and classic. Try to find suits that have suspender buttons or loops on the waistband. If you can’t find any, you can ask a tailor to add them. If you want a classic and formal style, suspenders can help you to achieve this.
  1. High-Waisted Pants: You can wear suspenders with high-waisted pants to get a vintage or retro look. High-waisted pants are a good choice for suspenders because they sit higher on the waist.

Why Wear Suspenders Instead of a Belt?

Suspenders and belts do the same thing – keep your pants up. But some people prefer suspenders for a few reasons.

  • Suspenders are usually more comfy than belts, especially if you sit long. Belts can be uncomfortable when you sit because they dig into your waist, but suspenders don’t have that problem.
  • Wearing suspenders can make your pants fit better. Belts keep pants up at the waist and let the fabric hang down naturally.
  • The suspenders can give your outfit a cool, old-fashioned vibe. You can choose from many colors, patterns, and materials to show off your own style. Suspenders are often worn with formal clothes to make them look more polished. 

What Shirt Do You Wear With Suspenders?

If you’re wearing suspenders, you must consider which shirt to wear. A dress shirt is a great option for a formal and sophisticated look. Also, the Oxford shirt is a good choice for looking smart and casual. 

However, a chambray shirt is a good option if you want a more relaxed and casual look. Moreover, try wearing suspenders with a turtleneck for a stylish and trendy look. Ensure your shirt and suspenders match color and style for a smart look. But remember the occasion so you can wear appropriate clothing.


Do You Wear a Belt With Suspenders?

You can wear a belt and suspenders together, but it’s not something people usually do or suggest. Belts and suspenders keep your pants up, so wearing both might look weird and unnecessary.

Do Women Wear Suspenders?

Yes, women can wear suspenders with their outfits. It can be a cool addition to a woman’s outfit. They can make your outfits look unique and stylish. There are lots of different suspender outfits for ladies available for women. They come in all sorts of styles and designs. 

Can I Wear Suspenders With Polo Shirt?

Sure, you can wear suspenders with a polo shirt. Suspenders, or braces, are a cool accessory that can make your outfit look unique and classy. You can wear them with casual outfits too, not just formal wear like suits and dress pants.

Can I Wear Suspenders with a T-Shirt?

You can wear suspenders with a T-shirt for a casual and unique style, even though they typically go with formal clothes.  If you want to wear suspenders with a T-shirt, go for a plain or simple designed tee.  Also, make sure the suspenders go well with the style and feel of the t-shirt to look stylish. 

Final Thoughts

Wearing suspenders with jeans is a cool mix of old-school and modern fashion. Denim and suspenders are two of the most iconic pieces in men’s clothing, and when combined in this way, they make an eye-catching impression. 

If you want to create outfits that match your style, you can try different types of suspenders, match colors, and mix and match denim styles. Whether you like to keep it simple or make it bold, suspenders let you express yourself in your own unique way.

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