How to Wear Jordans with Jeans: 10 Outfits to Level Up Your Fashion Game

How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

Over the last decade, there has been a revolutionary change in modern fashion. A wide variety of fashion accessories have been used to take aesthetics and style to the next level. Like clothes, sneakers have also been an integral part of modern fashion. With the right pair of sneakers, even a regular outfit can look outstanding.

Jordans have been one of the most popular forms of sneakers in recent years. Apart from their comfort and style, Jordans have a great fashion appeal that most fashion enthusiasts desire. So, check out these exciting outfit ideas with Jordans that will give your style an extra dimension.

1. Jordans with Jeans 

Jeans have remained one of the most inseparable parts of modern fashion. Even in this modern era, the appeal of jeans is quite significant. We know that jeans provide both comfort and style and go with almost every outfit, from T-shirts to formal ones. On top of it, jeans come in a variety of designs, which give you more options to choose from. 

If you combine the comfort of jeans with a pair of Jordan, you’ll get an awesome outfit. How to wear Jordans with jeans? Well, you can choose a wide range of options. You can stuff your jeans into your Jordan. In this way, you can highlight your Jordans. You can also choose which type of jeans you would like to wear with your new outfit. For instance, You can wear tight-fitted jeans or loose-fitted jeans depending on your fashion sense and comfort. 

styling jordan with jeans

Besides, there is a new trend of wearing ripped jeans, which has garnered huge popularity. These ripped jeans with your favorite pair of Jordans will give you a great street outfit. Wondering which pair of Jordans are perfect with jeans? A white pair of jordans can be a good option, but there are certain Jordans that go with everything.

2. Jordans with Shorts

There is stereotypical thinking that you cannot wear shorts with Jordans. But the modern fashion trend is breaking the stereotypes with some cool outfits where Jordans and shorts make a great pair. With the right combo of shorts and Jordans, you can come up with an excellent style for yourself. 

To pull off this perfect outfit, first, you need to choose the right shorts. You must remember to choose the shorts based on your height. A pair of skinny shorts might not go well with Jordans. Wearing too long short is also not a good idea either. If you have a pair of Jordan Highs, it’s not recommended to wear long shorts with them. Jordan Highs are already quite high; if you wear a pair of long shorts with them, it will make your leg look very small. 

man wearing jordan with shorts and jumper outdoor
Credit: jaycee_yg on Instagram

So try to match your Jordan Highs with shorts that fall above your knees. In this way, your legs will look longer. You can also experiment with colors and see which color combo of Jordans and shorts suits you the best. 

3. Trousers and Jordans

Many of us often wonder which types of trousers are best suited with a pair of Jordans! In this area, you have plenty of freedom to choose your style. White or even light-colored Jordans go well with almost every type of trousers. When choosing trousers, your comfort and preference come first. 

Denim is many people’s first choice when its comfortability is a matter. They’re great for casual outdoor activities, and they also provide a good amount of fashionable options. With a pair of Air Jordan, you can wear distressed denim. You can even add some texture to your denim and make it unique.

Another great option can be corduroy trousers. They are super comfy, and their colors can highlight your Jordans and bring out the best of your style. Loose-fitting denim or corduroy trousers can make you look noticeably better when you combine them with the right Jordans.

4. Jordans with Jackets

Jackets have always been one of the finest symbols of fashion and style. If you combine it with Jordans, you can get a stylish look that goes well with both party and casual get up. One of the advantages of using jackets as a fashion tool is their wide range of variety. There are many types of jackets that fit perfectly with your favorite Jordans. 

Leather jackets have always been a great fashion tool; with a pair of white sneakers and a leather jacket, you can get the ultimate rough boy look. You can also add a pair of denim trousers to make the outfit even tougher. 

Recently bomber jackets have also gained significant popularity. These jackets come in some amazing colors that will surely bring the best version of your outfit. But black or grey bomber jackets will be the best option when combined with a pair of Jordans. 

5. Jordans with Hoodies

Hoodies are one of the most common items for a casual get-up. But they can also be used as great fashion wear. At present, various celebrities and fashion events are highlighting hoodies as the main component of style. With the right combo with Jordans, you change the dynamics of your fashion game.

You can experiment with different types of hoodies to find the perfect match. If you want to include your favorite crew-neck t-shirt in your outfit, you can wear a zip-up hoodie. But if you like a clean look that only focuses on your outfit, try a zip-down hoodie. 

When it comes to choosing the right pair of Jordans with hoodies, focus on the color first. There are plenty of Jordars in various colors. You can match Jordan’s colors with your hoodie. But you can also choose Jordans of different colors and make a nice color contrast with your hoodie.  

6. Jordans with Formal Outfits

Even a few years ago, Jordans with a formal outfit might seem like a crazy idea. But in the new era of modern fashion, the scenario is completely changed. Various celebrities and movie stars are frequently making public appearances with a mix of formal outfits and Jordans.  

In the modern fashion world, typical formal dress where the presence of formal shoes was a must is losing its charm. That’s why Jordans are being introduced with formal dresses to spice things up. Whether it’s a party or a formal meeting, a pair of Jordans fits perfectly with a suit and tie unless you sneak into an office with a lot of restrictions. Apart from their comfort, Jordans are mostly chosen because of their ability to fit with almost all outfits. 

jordan with suits
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With a dark-colored formal suit and trousers, wear a pair of white Jordans. There are also some tailor-made blazers that go really well with jordans. Blazers and Jordans can make an excellent party outfit as well. 

7. Jordans with Joggers

Although joggers are a top preference for workouts and training works, they’re also trending as a new fashion item. The designs of the new joggers have also been modernized. The new joggers are designed to give you great comfort without compromising style. So for the ultimate sporty look, you must try joggers with Jordans. 

For workouts or physical training, this outfit can be the best option to ensure style with comfort.  You can play with some vibrant and exciting colors with this outfit. With black joggers, try choosing punchy-colored Jordans. You can try out different colors of joggers as well, but dark colors are preferable for the color contrast with the Jordans. The best part is that these outfits are a unisex fashion trend. Both men and women can try out these joggers with Jordan fashion outfits. 

8. Jordans with Bigger Tops

Modern fashion is constantly evolving. Fashion enthusiasts are adapting new styles and creating some mindblowing fashion trends. Since Jordans are widely popular among all kinds of people, most fashion trends are revolving around these specific types of sneakers. 

One of these funky fashion trends is wearing bigger tops with Jordans. This outfit is fairly popular among the new generation of youths. Jordans are usually bulky shoes. Wearing Jordans will make your feet look oversized. To match the bulkiness of the outfit, you can wear an oversized top to give your look a new dynamic and balance the oddness. 

styling Jordans with oversized tops

The oversized outfit is quite popular on social media. People are showing off their creativity by trying out this new fashion outfit trend. If you want to try some unique outfits with your Jordans, this one is a must-try for you. If you don’t want to wear an oversized t-shirt for this outfit, there are several other options as well. For instance, you can wear a long jacket instead of a t-shirt.

9. Jordans with T-Shirt

T-shirts are one of the most casual tops out there. T-shirts are also a great tool for fashion. With the right t-shirt, you can come up with some amazing outfit ideas with t-shirts and Jordans. 

T-shirts have always been a part of the artistic movement. Many artists choose t-shirts as their canvas and create some great designs. You can use these designs as an expression of fashion. You can also print your favorite quotes and characters on your t-shirt. You can increase the aesthetics of your t-shirts with a pair of Jordans. You can match the color of your Jordans with t-shirts. Crew-neck t-shirts are the most popular combination with Jordans. In this outfit, add a zip-up hoodie and get a groovy and funky look. 

10. Jordans with Colorful Socks

You must know that socks are an integral part of your Jordans. When it comes to expressing style and fashion with your Jordans, socks play a vital role. They are most important while matching the colors of your Jordans with the overall outfit. Matched socks can enhance the overall appeal of your get-up. 

When matching socks colors with the Jordans, you need to consider several factors. One important thing is that you don’t have to match the main colors of your Jordans with your socks. You can match your socks with the supporting colors of your Jordans. Besides, you can add or replace the shoe laces with more colorful ones to match your socks. Overall, matching the color of the socks with your Jordans can take your outfit style to the next level.


Jordans are one of the most popular fashion accessories in the current cultural landscape today. If you’re a Jordan lover, you must know the best outfits to compliment your favorite pair of Jordans. These above-mentioned outfit ideas will help express your fashion sense with the right pair of Jordans.

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