How to Wear Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans

How to Wear Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans
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Having a sense of fashion is really important, especially in this era. Going with the trend means you are following today’s fashion pattern. For example, tight skinny jeans are really not a thing for the gen z; rather, straight leg or mommy jeans are stealing the complete spotlight. 

Though jeans can be a versatile piece of pants, you may struggle to style this with ankle boots. One wrong move, and you become ‘out of style’. But don’t worry; we have you covered.

You will see how you can style your ankle boots with straight leg jeans, which will be fashionable and comfortable as well. Stay tuned!

Styling Your Ankle Boots With Jeans

There are many ways how you can pair up your ankle boots with straight leg jeans. But to get the best look, you need to take some small steps. We will show you some of those steps so you can live in your Hollywood era unapologetically.  

Now let’s cut to the chase and get to the main point, shall we? 

1. Choose a Decent Straight Leg Jeans

The first step for styling anything is choosing that outfit right. You want to make a good first impression with your outfit.

Therefore, you must wear a terrific set of straight-leg denim that makes you look great. The suggestion is that these pants are not completely cropped because a small amount of space makes it easier to combine them with ankle boots. Because of this, you’ll be able to pair many of your footwear with them.

You’ll end up showing off the ankles a lot more if you choose a pair that is a little cropped out, but it would not look good with straight leg jeans. Additionally, if they are a bit long, you can easily shorten the hem or add an edgy double cuff.

2. Leave a Gap

Some trial and error may be necessary while using this method but refrain from letting that intimidate you. The idea is to have just a little space between the peak of your boots and the bottoms of your pants. 

To put it another way, your goal is for those to have a close touch but not exactly. Here’s a simple guideline: the length of the boot shaft must be shorter than the inseam of the jeans.

Do you want to find out the advantages of keeping a tiny gap? On sunny days, it lets in the flow of air, and on chilly ones, it gives you a chance to perfect your individual look. Your fishnet stockings will come in handy, or you can pair them with a pair of adorable socks.

3. Ankle Boots That Fit Firmly

The secret to pulling off the overall appearance is choosing a pair of ankle boots that hug your ankle.

Straight leg jeans offer little leg opening, so you shouldn’t bulk up the ankles when you pair them with boots.

While the straight-leg jean opening may fit comfortably over them; the boot should be snug against your feet. Also, make sure the fit of the boot is comfortable enough to keep on for long hours.

4. Put on wide-leg straight jeans

The wider straight-leg jeans have broader ankles and a generally straight appearance. These pairs of jeans seem more stylish and are also ideal for an outfit.

These pairs look great on all body types and are more fashionable overall, and they have gained a lot of popularity precisely just because of this. However, not every straight leg style pairs well with ankle boots, so don’t force it.

As mentioned earlier, wider straight-leg jeans look their best when they are ankle length since you can simply put on a pair of boots with them. However, this particular style of straight-leg jeans will still allow some of your boots to be seen underneath, making it more appealing. 

Fold Narrow Ankle Length Jeans

5. Fold Narrow Ankle Length Jeans

Narrow, straight-leg jeans work well for this since they fold up quickly. However, keep in mind that if you fold too frequently, your ankles will appear thick instead of slender. So be careful while doing that.

Your ankle-length narrow jeans would look wonderful with ankle boots if you can style them properly since you simply need to fold them only a few times for them to work.

Using this approach, you may pair various ankle boot types, but the Chelsea style will look the nicest because it is the shortest.

6. Belt It

Wearing long tops with straight jeans? Try belting your tops like a diva to draw attention to your ankle boot! 

If you’re styling an extended top or sweatshirt with your straight-leg jeans, clinch around your waist via a fashionable belt. This will make your clothing look more attractive while drawing attention to your ankle boots and making them the central style point.

Pairing Flat Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans

Flat to heel, we ladies love all kinds of boots, don’t we? But here we will discuss the flat boots you can pair up with your straight leg jeans without worrying about the look. So, all the ladies out there who prefer flats over heels, this is for you. 

Flat ankle boots work just as well as any other boots. So, you can try all the options mentioned in the above point to style your flat boots with jeans.

From selecting the right jeans and boots, and leaving the gap to cuffing your jeans, all the rules apply here. 

Also, not only with straight leg jeans, you can style them with any kind of jeans you want. Some flat ankle boots are Combat Boots, Chelsea Boots, Ugg Boots, Pointed Toe Boots, Winter Boots, and Cowboy Boots. 

Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans At Work

One of the very first questions you might have on your mind is, “Are jeans considered professional attire at the office?”.

Although it varies depending on a few things, like your workplace’s dress policy, usually, a pair of undamaged jeans are okay.

Avoid using the cuff approach because it tends to be too informal. Choose a pair that falls just above your ankle bone for the ideal length. 

Finally, pick a pair of boots with a more angular appearance. Consider a shoe with a pointed toe, a patent finish, and a low heel. Not only is this comfortable, but also it will make your appearance classy. 

Ankle Boots With Straight Leg Jeans In Rainy Season 

Managing puddles when taking a walk outdoors might be rather difficult based on the place you stay and the season.

Sometimes it’s enjoyable to let loose and trample into each puddle you come across,k however, we still desire to keep our clothes dry. 

If you are wondering how to avoid soggy pant bottoms when wearing ankle boots with straight-leg jeans on a rainy day, the cuff approach is your best buddy in this situation.  

Wear all-weather boots with a shaft that is a little bit taller than usual with your rolled-up pants. Use unexpected colors like vibrant colors or even pastel ones, to keep your look fresh and interesting. Extra points if you have boots with a shearling lining for additional warmth on chilly days. 

Boots to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans
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Boots to Wear With Straight Leg Jeans

You can literally style anything with jeans. But knowing the correct order to do it might be a struggle. Anything that makes you feel comfortable that goes with the trend should be good but don’t push yourself much for it. 

Not only ankle boots but many other boots go well with this pair of jeans. Let’s have a look at those: 

  1. Classic Leather All-Weather Duck Boots

Boots in this particular design go great with regular-fit jeans, whether duck boots or bean boots. It is important to cuff your jeans so that the hem of the legs hits the highest point of your boot.

Maintaining an effortless, harmonious color scheme while styling this outfit is extremely important

For a traditional style, pair your boots with black or dark blue straight-leg jeans and a gray or white t-shirt or sweater. You could also put on a plaid shirt or a denim jacket for a more tough appearance.

  1. Winter Hiking Boots

You will find a group of lace-up snow boots that appear to strike the perfect balance between cozy and warm. We adore these boots for their versatility, especially in the muddy spring weather. Although if the snow isn’t too deep, they also function well in winter.

The good news is that a lot of these chilly hiking boots go well with baggy, straight-leg jeans and make you look effortlessly beautiful. To complement the denim, you need to pick a pair of wool socks with nubs and roughness.

  1. Wedge Sorel Boots

The lace-up wedge boots have long been favorites to everyone. They are equally pleasant and comfortable for walking in as these shoes offer a little height and are surprisingly warm. 

They’re also quite suitable for spring showers, provided you stay with the non-shearling lined version. Wearing a set of extra-long socks will keep you extremely toasty.

You may add a scarf for a final touch of warmth and style, an eye-catching pendant or pair of earrings, or both to finish the entire look. On chilly days, an overcoat or jacket in a coordinating shade could also be useful.

Shearling-Lined Clog Boots
  1. Shearling-Lined Clog Boots

These pairs of boots are surprisingly very cozy and very comfortable to wear. This boot is a great example of subtle style, particularly when worn with regular-fit jeans. These pairs of boots are a timeless option that you almost didn’t know you needed. 

Again, as mentioned several times before, the main key here is to have the jean cuff or hit at the peak of the boot. You can round off this outfit with a super-cozy patterned sock.

  1. Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots (High Shaft)

One of the sleekest possibilities is the high-shaft Chelsea boot, which is one of the few boot designs that can tuck under the regular jean. 

While not as warm as the other boots listed above, this pair is still adequate for most activities when worn with some thick socks.  

Although on extremely cold days, you will require your actual winter boots. These boots are great when there is only moderate cold. 

  1. Chunky Chelsea Boots With Socks

If you’ve decided to avoid wearing a high-shaft Chelsea boot or if you are sufficiently tall that the hem of your jeans will show some leg. You can use thick and warm socks to fill the gap. 

For a straight leg line, it’s important to coordinate the socks to your jeans. Be sure to wear some funky socks as well. Sometimes, these funky socks bring life to the outfit. 

  1. Danner Hiking Boots 

Any hiking boots, including Danner, come with a more or less similar vintage look which actually looks amazing when you style it with loose, straight leg jeans. 

You want to choose full-length jeans rather than cropped ones because it is best when the bottom of the jeans meets with the top of the boot. 

These boots are also reasonably priced and go a long way. So it’s a good investment for a lifetime. 

  1. Doc Martens

Another excellent option for wintertime is Doc Martens. They can typically push through mud and are also reasonably cozy when paired with tight socks. Additionally, they go well with non-skinny jeans because they tend to have a somewhat higher shaft.

Naturally, you can always wear longer, cozier socks if you think your leg is showing too much. 

Final Thoughts

You can style your ankle boots with straight leg jeans in so many ways.

From casual wear to going to parties, all the looks are possible with these pairs of jeans and boots. But the main key is for you to be confident and comfortable with what you are wearing. This will do the charm. So ladies, be confident and slay your look!

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