How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In: Both Men and Women

How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

Tucked-in shirts are a great way to look well-groomed and put together. They look best on both men and women,

It is easy to tuck your shirt in when necessary, but shirts usually only want to stay tucked in for a short time. After some time, the shirt looks wrinkly or loose, making the entire attire look bad.

How do you keep your shirt tucked in for a long time? Do it in a proper way to keep it real. When you tuck your shirt in right, the upper part of your body should look smooth and flat. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles where the shirt hangs over the trousers and makes a ring near your middle.

This article discusses everything you need to know about tucking in your shirt. After reading the tips and tricks, you can keep your shirt tucked in as long as you like.

Different Kinds of Shirt Tucks For Men

You can tuck in a shirt in multiple ways. Choose the style that suits you the best, depending on your shirt type. It also depends on your choice of cloth and your desired look. 

1. The Basic Tuck

A man in basic full tuck in shirt style

This is the simplest technique to tuck in your shirt. Every man has at least once put on this basic tuck while tucking. This style is the first shirt-tucking style boys learn. And the style always stays the same. 

The free tuck is excellent for convenience and speed. Just tuck the shirt’s hem into the waistline of your pants, making sure it’s even all of the way around. After that, button and zip up your pants and secure everything with your preferred belt.

  • Start with a well-pressed, loose-fitting shirt or polo
  • Put your shirt inside your waistband. First at the rear and then at the front
  • Tuck the whole bottom of the shirt into your pants. This does not have to be done perfectly
  • Shrug your shoulders or raise your arms slightly to complete the whole look

2. The Military Tuck

man in military tuck style

The military tuck is by far the most effective tucking style. It stays on for a longer time. 

  • Tuck the shirt into your waistband.
  • Run your thumbs across the front along both sides of your waistline
  • Smooth out any wrinkles or clumping along the front of the shirt.
  • Button up for a crisp look.
  • Squeeze the cloth at both ends and tuck it back onto itself to produce a tailored appearance.
  • Take a step back and look at your reflection with pride.

3. The Underwear Tuck

The underwear tuck is a good way to tuck something in when your underwear or undershirt is on. Do not worry; it does not involve tucking the shirt inside your underwear. 

  • Tuck the bottom of your undershirt’s extra fabric into your underwear or shorts.
  • Put on your shirt and pants as normal, then tuck your shirt in
  • Pull it tighter if you wish to look polished

4. The Half Tuck

Woman in half tuck style
Image Credit: jahnilynnphoto on Instagram

For the half-tuck, you tuck the upper part of your shirt into your pants while letting the back hang out. It is also a common way of tucking in shirts. Style your look with a hoodie or jacket on top of your shirt.

  • Tuck the top part of your shirt loosely into your belt.
  • Shrug your shoulders if you want to loosen up your look without removing your shirt from the front.
  • Smooth out any wrinkles. 
  • Make sure the shirt doesn’t bunch up on the front or back. Instead, it should hang loosely.

How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In for Men

Now that you know how to tuck your shirt on, the next step is to know how to keep a dress shirt tucked in. Let’s get into that:  

1. Use Shirt Stays

A shirt stay is an object that uses fabric strain to maintain the shirt tucked inside and close to your body. Shirt stays are made for keeping your shirt neatly tucked in. They clip to the waist of your shirt and your trousers.

Shirt stays have two purposes.

  • They assist in keeping your shirt tucked into your tux when the dress code demands smart.
  • They are an excellent form of contraception on the off chance that you meet someone attractive at the event.
Pros of Shirt StaysCons of Shirt Stays
These are effective. The tension created by the shirt stays on the garment tails preventing the shirt from slipping out of place. These are time-consuming. It takes a minimum of five minutes to put them on every day. 

2. Use Tucked Trunks

The Tucked Trunks sit at the top of the list because they are so easy to use daily. These are boxer briefs using an extra belt with a rubber band on the inside to help hold your shirt in place. You can wear them with nothing else but the boxer shorts. 

Tucked Trunks shorts are two-in-one boxer briefs. It makes them very useful and means you cannot carry any extra accessories. 

Pros of Tucked TrunksCons of Tucked Trunks
Tucked Trunks shorts are two-in-one boxer briefs. It makes them very useful and means you cannot carry any extra accessories.Tucked trunks can be dangerous or go up if it isn’t the right size.

3. Wear Shirt Locks

The button-down shirt lock is a recent invention. A shirt lock is an additional ‘belt’ worn over the shirt and within the trousers. It is becoming a favorite among young people. 

Pros of Shirt LocksCons of Shirt Locks
It’s a great replacement for shirt stays and keepers, waist belts, and braces. It helps the police keep a neat and clean look.It often fails to prevent the shirt from slipping. Because the shirt lock isn’t given the support it needs to stay tucked into the waistband

4. Try a Shirt Gripper

The shirt gripper is a rubber strap with studs. This is a great addition to your collection of tools for maintaining a tucked shirt. 

Pros of Shirt GripperCons of Shirt Gripper
It is flexible. You can change the fit to be firm or tight as you chooseThere needs to be genuine downward support. If you don’t use a belt or don’t wear it tightly enough, the shirt gripper belt will rise. 

5. Try Magnetucks

The Magnetucks are the simplest, most reliable, and most time-saving solution to keep the shirt neatly tucked in at all times. Perfect for business people, golfers, and uniformed workers. This helps to keep up the tuck for a long time. 

Pros of MagnetucksCons of Magnetucks
Convenient. They are small, and the magnet is pretty strong. They are magnets. So, you may set off an alarm when you pass through airports or shopping malls.

How to Tuck in a Shirt Female

For women, tucking the shirt is a different game. Properly tucked shirts can enhance your curves and make you look bold and brave.

How women tuck in their shirts is the same and different from how men do it. Dressing casually calls for clothing made from soft materials, such as your go-to cashmere turtleneck or a gorgeously tailored blouse. These clothes should flatter your figure. Polish it whenever necessary. 

Some of the most commonly used techniques are:

1. The Full Tuck

This is the most common way of tucking in. Most of the girls have done it before. This way, the trousers are already on, and the shirt is pulled over the top. You may then tuck it in and put your trousers back on. 

  • Choose a shirt that’s not too bulky for women
  • Give your bottoms a good fit around the hips
  • Try switching to a slimmer, better-fitting shirt, especially if you want a more formal look.
  • Leave some of the shirts out while wearing a shirt dress. You don’t want it to appear like that there’s a lot of bad luck going on beneath there because they scrunch up.

When To Apply a Full Tuck

  • When wearing a high-waisted bottom and a thin top, or when your waistline requires it, do a complete tuck to get a tailed effect.
  • Avoid a thorough tuck if your waist is low or your top is bulky.

2. The Half Tuck/ Front Tuck 

You can wear a half or front tuck with various tops. For slim-fit shirts, the front tuck is your best bet. It’s simple and straightforward. You can get a perfect tuck in next to no time. 

  • Ensure your shirt has been well pressed and is wrinkle-free
  • Pull up the upper part of your shirt 
  • Unzip a zipper or button on your trousers 
  • Close the hem of your trousers by pushing it into the slit.
  • Make sure the hem is smoothed down and not forming an unsightly pouch at the base of your shirt by pressing it flat against you.
  • Gently pulling on the tug will have the desired effect of making the front tuck seem less tight.

When To Apply a Half Tuck/ Front Tuck

  • A front tuck is a quick and simple method to define your waist and update the appearance of an oversized shirt. 
  • It’s also great for wearing thin tops that appear weird with mid-rise or high-rise bottoms. 
  • Jeans are a classic go-to for front tucks.

3. The Tie Tuck

Tie-tucking is a breeze and a lot of fun. It’s ideal for a relaxed dinner party or a day at the beach. This style is more relaxed than the traditional front or complete tuck. Long t-shirts may be transformed into stylish crop tops with the help of tie tucks.

  • Gather all the cloth to a portion of your body using one hand as a starting point.
  • Twist the cloth so that it becomes tight.
  • Wrap the cloth around your finger. After cutting a hole in the cloth, wrap it around and tuck it under itself to insert it.
  • Draw it through and tie a knot. 
  • Pull on both ends if you’re looking for a more secure knot, 
  • Pull the knot’s knob to make it looser.

When To Apply a Tie Tuck

  • The tie tuck works well with shirts made of thin materials. This kind of tie looks good with long tunics. 
  • Your outfit looks more fun with the tie-tuck. It’s great for a relaxed event like a farmer’s market or a sports game outside.

How to Keep Your Shirt Tucked In for Women

Does the shirt keep untucking?  Wearing a bodysuit is the most reliable trick for achieving the appearance of a smooth complete tuck. 

You can get all sorts of adorable ones, and they’re also really practical. No more needing to tuck your shirt into your trousers or skirt constantly—this top will do the work for you!

Take a cue from the professionals. If stability is important to you, use a shirt that stays.

You can keep your shirt looking smooth all day long with the help of these elastic straps. It fastens the shirt’s hem and links to socks or a garter.


Tucking your shirt is the best way to look put-together and classy. But only sometimes will your tucked shirt remain as crisp as you would like. This problem is versatile regardless of gender. 

Knowing how to keep your shirt tucked in for a longer time will help you to maintain the seamless look you are going for. It will save you time and effort and ensure your outfit looks great and appropriate for any occasion.

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