How to Fold Sweatshirts: Must-Know Folding Tips for a Neat Wardrobe

How to Fold Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are one of the most common clothing items in our wardrobes. For a casual outfit, most people choose sweatshirts and hoodies because of their comfort and durability. Clothes like sweatshirts and sweaters are also quite useful in cold weather as well. But since they’re bulky clothes and made with thicker fabrics, they might get damaged if not folded properly.

In order to keep these clothes intact, you must know how to fold sweatshirts and hoodies properly. You can apply several techniques to fold your winter clothes and use them for a longer period. So take a look at some of these easy approaches to fold your bulky clothes with efficiency and ease.

1. How to Fold Sweatshirts

Many of us don’t know how to fold sweatshirts properly. Usually, they are bulky and a bit heavy. It’s not wise to fold them like regular clothes. They require a different approach when it comes to folding. With the right folding technique, you’ll need less space to store your sweatshirts. Besides, even your old ones will look new if folded properly. So here’s how to fold sweatshirts the right way:

Step 1 –  At the very beginning, you’ll need to put the sweatshirt on a plane surface. Then you have to fold it in half. You’ll also need to smooth out all the wrinkles in the sweatshirt Followed by matching both sleeves of it. 

Step 2 – You have to precisely fold both sleeves into the body of the sweatshirt. 

Step 3 – All you have to do is to fold the sweatshirt in half. While folding, you have to make sure that the previous folds of the sweatshirt are kept intact.  

Step 4 – Lastly, you have to fold all the sweatshirts using this method. This technique keeps all the sweatshirts intact in your wardrobe for a long time. 

2. How to Fold Hoodies

Although hoodies and sweatshirts share many similarities, they also have some significant differences. One major difference is that hoodies have their signature “hood” that sweatshirts don’t have. Hoodies also have different folding techniques. If you have hoodies at home, try these folding methods to keep your hoodies in better condition. 

The Basic Fold 

If you’re new to folding, then this should be the perfect technique for you to start with. It’s also one of the easiest ways of folding hoodies as well. 

Step 1 – At first, you need to put the hoodie on a plane surface or a table, given that the back of your hoodie should be facing upwards and that the front is downwards.

Step 2 – You need to take both arms of the hoodie and cross them over the middle of it. 

Step 3 – After completing the previous steps, you have to gently pick one half of the hoodie and carefully fold it over the other half. Then, you have to align the bottom part of the hoodie with the shoulders. 

Step 4 – Again, you have to grab one half of the hoodie and fold it vertically over the other half. 

Step 5 – Lastly, you have to open the hood portion and stretch it over the folded part of the hoodie. You have to make sure that the entire body of the hoodie is nested into the hood. And that’s it! Your hoodie is ready to be stored. 

The Konmari Method 

Step 1 – First, you need to lay the hoodie down on a flat surface. While placing the hoodie, make sure to keep its face down.

Step 2 – After that, you need to fold the hoodie into thirds. You have to match the two ends by folding the end thirds over the center third. 

Step 3  – In this step, you need to grab one sleeve of the hoodie and partially fold it in the middle. Repeat the same process with another sleeve as well. You have to put both of the sleeves over the two folded ends in the middle. 

Step 4  – After completing the previous steps, take the hood and place it over the hoodie’s folded sleeves and body. The hood should be on top of the hoodie’s folded part. 

Step 5  – In the last step, you have to roll the bottom portion of the folded hoodie to the middle. Then again, fold it over the top, and it will give your hoodie a small and tight look. Repeat the process for other hoodies, and there you have it! Your Konmari fold is completed. 

How to Store Hoodies

After folding the hoodies, it’s essential to know the right techniques for storing them in your closet. You can apply several methods to maximize the storage space by organizing hoodies efficiently. If you want to store basic folded hoodies, it’s better to stack them on top of each other. You can stack them from the bottom to the top of the shelves. 

Try not to mix hoodies that are folded differently. Hoodies with Konmari folds need less space, but you can’t stack them on top of each other. They also need to be handled carefully so that these folds don’t get unraveled. You can put the folded hoodies in vertical lines in your closet drawers. In this way, you also get to see all the hoodies at once. This process also allows you to easily take out hoodies from the closet.

3. How to Fold Sweaters

Most sweaters are bulky and they can be quite difficult to fold. Besides, they can take up a lot of your storage space if not folded properly. So take a look at some easy techniques on how to fold sweaters to save space. 

How to Fold Bulky Sweaters

Step 1 – First, put the sweater on a place surface. Then you have to smooth out all the wrinkles from it. 

Step 2 – Take both the arms of the sweater and fold them in a crisscross way. 

Step 3 – You have to start rolling the sweater from the bottom to the neck. 

Step 4 – After that, you have to bring the neck of the sweater in front of you. You also have to use a rubber band to hold the rolled sweater. 

In this way, you can store many of your bulky sweaters in the closet in a small space. 

Watch this video from Craft Icon which demonstrates how to fold sweaters to save space.

How to Fold Light Sweaters

Step 1 – First, put the sweater on a level surface. Make sure to keep the front part of the sweater on top. Then smooth out all the wrinkles from the sweater. For a light and airy sweater, smoothing out wrinkles can be a bit tough for many people.

Step 2 – Fold both the arms of the sweater in a crisscross way. Then, you have to pick one cuff of an arm and horizontally fold it back in the opposite direction. Repeat the same process for another cuff as well. 

Step 3 – Start rolling the sweater from the bottom and roll it all the way to the neck portion. 

Step 4 – In the last step, you have to fold the sweater by connecting one end of the rolled portion with the other. Repeat the same method for all your light sweaters.  

This method is most helpful when you have to store your clothes in a small storage space. 

How to Store Sweaters

Watch the video above which illustrates how to hang a sweater.

Storing sweaters in the closet can be one of your biggest challenges in household activities. Bulky sweaters take up a lot of space, and it becomes difficult to accommodate all sweaters in a single closet. But using the right techniques can solve most of your problems. 

At first, you have to decide whether you want to hang your sweaters or fold them. It mostly depends on the size of the closet and the fabric of the sweaters. Usually, it’s better to fold your sweaters if you have a small storage space. But folded sweaters have some other problems. For instance, some sweaters might have permanent wrinkles because of certain fabrics. 

In that case, hanging your sweaters might be a wise option. It eliminates all the possibilities of having any wrinkles on the sweater. But you need a large closet to store all your sweaters. 


Knowing how to fold sweatshirts and store sweaters is important for your daily household activities. Proper techniques play a big part in keeping your favorite winter clothes intact. By following these above-mentioned folding and storage methods, you can accommodate most of your bulky sweatshirts and sweaters with ease.

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