Hoodies vs Jackets: 7 Trendy Hoodie Outfits to Blend Your Comfort With Style

Hoodies vs Jackets

Hoodies are one of the most casual dresses around the world. Most people choose hoodies as their go-to outfit, especially in autumn or winter. People of all ages are seen wearing hoodies as they provide unmatched comfort and coziness. Besides, hoodies have several layers which provide great protection against cold weather. 

But hoodies can also be used as great fashionwear. Nowadays, various celebrities and fashion events are highlighting hoodies as the main component of style. In fact, rappers choose hoodies to appear more fashionable in their rap music videos. With the right combination, you can transform even the most comfortable hoodie into a stylish outfit. So here is a list of some great hoodie outfit trends that will take your fashion sense to the next level.

1. Jackets Over Hoodies 

Jackets are often used as an alternative to hoodies. But jackets are also one of the finest symbols of fashion and style. One of the biggest differences between a hoodie and a jacket is that jackets don’t have hoods to cover your head. So there might be a dilemma on which one to use for a fashionable get-up. Instead of going for the jacket vs. sweatshirt argument, why not use both? You can read this article which demonstrates how to fold your sweatshirt to save space.

There is a new trend of wearing jackets over hoodies, and it looks great. In this way, you can go for a stylish look without compromising comfort. Besides, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing jackets. Bomber jackets have gained significant popularity. Leather jackets have always had a great fashion value. You can wear casual jackets as well. Remember when choosing hoodies, try to choose black or grey colored ones to adjust the contrast. 

2. Hoodies With Denim

hoodies with denim

Both hoodies and denim are great for casual use. Because of their comfort, many people wear them during casual outdoor activities. Denim is also quite a familiar name when it comes to comfort. But combining both hoodies and denim can turn out to be a fantastic form of style. Whether it’s work or a party, this combo can be an excellent way to showcase your style. 

For his outfit, you need a zip-up hoodie and a denim jacket. You can also wear denim pants. Wear the denim jacket over the hoodie and get a unique look. When choosing denim and hoodie, color is an important factor, as the right color combination is the key to this outfit. A white hoodie can make a perfect contrast with a blue denim jacket.

You can also match the footwear according to the color of this outfit. To compliment your classy look, you can use casual boots and sneakers. There are different types of denim jackets. You can even choose sleeveless ones to look funky and attractive. You can even roll up your denim jacket to look stylish and dapper.

3. Sportswear Hoodies

There is a wide variety of hoodies that are made only for athletes. Professional athletes are seen using these hoodies in training and other activities. These hoodies are made of elements such as cotton and polyester; that’s why they are perfect outfits for heavy workouts and training. 

But you can also try out these hoodies to add a different touch to your style. The major advantage of these hoodies is they offer a lot of comfort and air circulation. Combined with some vibrant colors, it can become a great outdoor outfit. Sportswear hoodies are mostly zip-up hoodies, but there are also some athletic zip-down hoodies. You can wear a t-shirt below the zip-down hoodie and add an extra glaze to your looks. 

4. Hoodies With Blazers

hoodies with blazer

Right now, one of the hottest fashion trends is wearing a blazer over a hoodie. At first, it might seem quite unusual as blazers and hoodies don’t go side-by-side. But this combination has become very popular in recent years. Several big-name celebrities are promoting this trend, and the youths are happily accepting this new revolution of fashion trends. 

Usually, blazers are worn at parties or formal meetings. But this stereotype has been broken by the new revolution of fashion. Like any other fashion trend, the more people saw this hoodie-blazer combination, the more they liked it. Now it’s quite common to wear a blazer over a hoodie. But to perfect this fashion trend, you need to consider several things. 

First, choose the color you want to wear followed by focusing on the contrast between the hoodie and the blazer. For a dark look, you can use a navy blue or grey colored blazer and hoodie. To add variety, you can wear more vibrant and light colors. On top of that, a tailored blazer can give your outfit a sophisticated and edgy look. 

5. Oversized Hoodies

Long and large hoodies might seem oversized at first, but it’s one of the hottest trends in mainstream fashion. Currently, oversized hoodies are popular among both men and women. This unisex style is gaining rapid popularity, especially on social media. From teenagers to fashion icons, youths are obsessed with these trendy hoodies. 

oversized hoodies

Want a casual but stylish look? Just combine an oversized hoodie with a pair of jeans. You can even choose loose-fitting denim if you want to prioritize comfort. Moreover, you can even combine your oversized hoodie with carpenter pants. Usually, carpenter pants are loose-fitting. Such a combo of loose-fitting outfits has an aesthetic value for men. 

Joggers can be another way to get into the oversized hoodie trends. If you’re into workouts and sports, this can be a great combination for your daily outlook. But loose-fitting joggers can look better with an oversized hoodie than tight-fitting ones. But then again, it’s all up to your preferences and fashion sense. When it comes to oversized hoodies,  you have the liberty to go crazy with interesting and versatile colors. But while choosing oversized hoodies, make sure they’re not too long, as too large hoodies can ruin the aesthetics.

6. Jeans and Hoodies

One of the coolest outfits can be jeans with a hoodie. Jeans are the most popular fashion items in the eastern world. Jeans provide a variety of designs for choosing a perfect outfit. They also go very well with a casual hoodie. Blue jeans provide a sense of comfort and efficiency. Add a cozy hoodie with it, and it will become the perfect vacation get-up. 

Ripped jeans have been a trending street fashion in recent times. Ripped jeans are the perfect way to mix casual fashion with a classy look. Modern celebrities are seen adopting the ripped jeans fashion and people are also following it. A hoodie with ripped jeans can be your ultimate tough boy outfit. You can wear a zip-up hoodie with ripped jeans and a dark shade to easily catch the attention of people. 

7. Customized Hoodies

Customized hoodies can be your go-to option if you want to create your own signature style. With customized hoodies, you can replace the typical look of casual hoodies with some exciting designs. You have the freedom to choose a variety of unique designs. It can also add an extra layer of style options to your outfit. You can customize your hoodie to match your favorite sneakers or pants. 

Another advantage of customized hoodies is you can change them according to your personality. For a party outfit, you can customize your hoodie with some premium designs. You can also customize your hoodie to be the most comfortable outfit while going to the gym. 

You can also add a variety of logos and prints to match your ideologies. You can add your favorite quotes and characters to embrace the personality you foster in yourself. Adding different shades and prints to hoodies will make your outlook stand out from the rest. You can even customize the pockets and sleeves in your own style. You have the freedom to play with some vibrant and unique colors and apply them to your hoodie. Imagination is the only thing you need to make an awesome customized hoodie.


Although hoodies have been a very common wardrobe item for years, fashion-conscious people perceive hoodies in different ways. As they provide both comfort and style, hoodies are most people’s favorite casual wear. With the right combination, hoodies can become a timeless fashion trend that you must try out.

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