Wondering How to Pair Flannel Shirt with Shorts? Check out these 12 Amazing Outfit Ideas

Flannel Shirt with Shorts

Modern fashion is evolving every day. With the new revolution in fashion and style, casual wardrobe items, such as flannel shirts are getting attention and recognition. In fact, flannel outfits are one of the hottest fashion trends in recent times. Besides being super cozy and durable, flannels have an impressive aesthetic value. 

With your imagination and creativity, you can make a trendy outfit using your favorite flannel shirt. Best part? Flannel trends are popular among both males and females. That means you’re getting a variety of options when it comes to styling with flannels. So, take a look at some exciting flannel outfits that will leave your mark on the fashion trends. 

What is a Flannel?

Although flannel shirts have gained popularity recently, they’ve been existing for a long time. Flannels are made from a unique type of fabric. Most flannel items are made with a soft woven fabric, such as wool or cotton. Originally, these types of fabric are created for the working class and farmers for their durability and comfort. 

Over the years, there has been a good number of modifications and variations in flannel design. Now, flannel shirts don’t belong to any specific class or gender; instead, they’re currently one of the most common casual fashion items for all. Many style icons and fashion-conscious people are wearing flannel outfits to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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Flannel Outfit Ideas for Men

Men’s flannel outfits have a different charm and appeal. Most men prefer durable and cozy outfits. That’s why flannel shirts are men’s top priority for casual fashion. Besides, flannel shirts provide a variety of colors and designs. So let’s look at some dashing men’s outfit ideas with flannel shirts. 

1. Flannel With Shorts

A flannel shirt with shorts might seem like a weird outfit idea at first but the reality is totally different. Flannel shirts with a pair of shorts can be one of the coolest men’s outfits, especially in the summer. This can also be a great beach outfit as you get to enjoy the summer heat with comfort and ease. 

While wearing flannel shirts with shorts, make sure to choose shorts according to your height. Too short or too long shorts may ruin the balance of your outfit. Unbuttoning your flannel shirt or rolling up the sleeves will give you a bold look while wearing shorts.

2. Rolled-up Flannel Sleeves

The rolled-up flannel sleeves are one of the most common and easiest ways to wear a flannel shirt. It’s also a timeless fashion that everyone adores. For a more casual and laid-back look, most men roll up long cuffed sleeves above their elbows. For this look, all you need is to unbutton the cuffs and roll them inside out. 

Rolling up your sleeve can give you several styling options. With any outfit, a rolled-up sleeve will give you a cooler look. It also allows you to show off your forearm tattoos. 

3. Layer Your Flannel

Layering is an old technique to have a dashing look. If you apply to layer your flannel shirt, you’ll get some of the most handsome outfits. Basically, layering means – adding multiple clothes to your outfit. Layering allows different types of clothing items to pair and synchronize. As a result, you’ll get a unique outfit. 

Layering is commonly seen in the winter seasons, where warmth is necessary, as well as style. You can add different types of layers to your flannel shirt. You can add a coat or a v-neck sweater over your flannel shirt in cold weather. You can also show off a T-shirt under the flannel shirt in the summer. 

4. Flannel Shirt With Jeans

If you want an elegant and smart outfit with flannel shirts, you must choose jeans. Jeans are considered a great tool to showcase modern fashion. Jeans provide a variety of designs for choosing a perfect outfit and also go quite well with flannel shirts. Blue jeans provide a sense of comfort and efficiency. Add a cozy flannel shirt with jeans, and you’ll get the ultimate vacation get-up. 

There are plenty of trendy jeans variations that you might want to try with a flannel shirt. Ripped jeans and tight-fitted jeans are one of the most popular fashion tools that match well with almost any outfit. You can even go for loose-fitted jeans with flannel tops and shirts if comfort is your priority.  

5. Flannel With a Hoodie

When it comes to casual and comfortable clothing items, hoodies should be on top of the list. Most people choose hoodies as their go-to outfit, especially in autumn or winter. People of all ages are seen wearing hoodies as they provide unmatched comfort and coziness.

If you combine hoodies with flannel shirts, you can get the most comfortable casual get-up, especially for cold weather. You can wear a long-sleeve flannel shirt over a hoodie and get a bulky look. You can also try different shades of flannels while pairing them up with a hoodie. Adding a pair of matching sneakers with the outfit will give you a casual and comfy street style. 

6. Flannels for Work 

Usually, flannel shirts are recommended for a casual look. But with the emerging fashion trends, flannel shirts perfectly go well with a formal outfit. The most important aspect of flannels is their adaptability. So with some modifications, you can also wear your favorite flannel shirt to your office.

For an office outfit, you have to roll down your sleeves and tuck your flannel shirt into the trousers. You can also wear a suit and tie with a flannel shirt as well. For a more rigid look, try wearing a vest with the shirt. 

Flannel Outfit Ideas for Women

In the very beginning, flannel shirts were introduced only as men’s outfits. But the new wave of fashion and styles has broken the stereotypes, which makes flannel fabrics a new trend in the women’s fashion world. So, take a look at some amazing flannel outfit ideas for women. 

1. Flannel With a Skirt

Credit: thesheshackboutiquenc on Instagram

Skirts are most girls’ main tool for expressing their fashion sense. With a flannel-designed skirt, girls can bring back a vintage vibe and add a unique style to their outfits. Because of the popularity of the flannel pattern, the original woven pattern is now used to make a variety of modern skirts. 

You’ll find a dozen of flannel-printed skirts with a variety of designs. These unique-looking skirts will help you make a statement with your fashionable outfit. Whether it’s a formal meeting or a movie date, these skirts can be your best option for an elegant-looking outfit. 

2. Flannel Around the Waist

The popularity of flannels has increased so much that people are using them as an accessory to beautify their outfits. Currently, the new generation is bringing back the 90’s style into modern fashion. Flannel shirts around the waist are one of them. For this look, just take your favorite flannel shirt and unbutton it. Then you have to put it around your waist and tie the sleeves together. 

This easy styling trick is becoming more popular among women. For a sporty or old-school look, try this simple technique and jump into the newest fashion trend. 

turning flannel shirt into skirt

3. Flannels With Jackets

Jackets can be a fabulous way to showcase your true fashion sense. They have always been at the center of fashion and style. If you add flannels with a jacket, you can have a wonderful combo of comfort and aesthetics. Variety is one of the main specialties of modern jackets. For an elegant and classy look, you can wear leather jackets over your flannel shirt. 

For a more comfy look, you can choose bomber jackets instead. But focus on choosing the color of the jackets while pairing them with flannel shirts. Color contrast is the key to maintaining the aesthetics of this outfit. 

4. Flannels With Leggings

Leggings are women’s go-to option for a casual get-up. Leggings are super efficient and cozy for women. Leggings get along with other tops and shirts pretty well. Add a comfortable flannel shirt with leggings and you can have a great vacation outfit. 

Shoes can be an important part of this outfit. With back leggings, try to wear a pair of white sneakers with matching socks. To go to one level above, you can wear boots with leggings and a flannel shirt. 

5. Oversized Flannel Shirt

One of the coolest women’s fashion trends is wearing oversized tops. This new trend has changed the dynamics of the fashion world. Many celebrities and fashion icons are making public appearances with oversized tops. Women on social media are showcasing their creativity with various types of long tops and shorts. 

Flannel shirts are women’s top pic for an oversized shirt. The comfort and eye-catching print of the flannel shirts attract many fashion enthusiasts to try out new styles with flannel shirts. You can wear skinny jeans or leggings to balance the bulkiness of the top. If you want to try some unique outfits with your favorite flannel shirt, this one’s a must-try for you. 


Flannel shirts can be the most versatile clothing item if you know how to wear them with the right outfit. The current fashion trend is adopting new styles of flannel and it’s gaining popularity among youths. The above-mentioned outfits will help you enhance your creativity and reach the pinnacle of fashion trends with ease and comfort.

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