Best Jeans for Muffin Top to Enhance Your Beauty and Comfort

Best Jeans for Muffin Top

For decades, Women’s fashion revolved around a specific body type. Stylish clothes and fashion tools only focused on skinny and thin-sized women. But the new revolution of style has broken the stereotypes by acknowledging women of all shapes and sizes. 

The new fashion trends give curvy women a wide range of options to express their fashion sense. So, if you have a muffin top, you don’t have to be embarrassed anymore. There is a variety of specialized jeans that will help you rock the fashion trends even with a curvy body type. Let’s check out some of the best jeans for muffin tops that will bring out the best version of you with elegance and style.

1. How to Hide a Muffin Top With Jeans?

A muffin top is the body fat that sits around your waistband. They don’t lessen your beauty, nor are they a matter of embarrassment. However, it might be a bit difficult to get rid of these muffin tops. They don’t necessarily hinder your outlook, but you can easily hide them with the right types of jeans. 

(a) High Waisted Jeans

Wearing high-waisted jeans can be one of the best jeans for muffin tops. Girls with curvy bodies don’t look particularly stylish with low-rise jeans because of their inability to conceal muffin tops. That’s why these jeans are getting more popular among women in recent times. There are some great high-waisted jeans that will perfectly hide your muffin top without losing comfort. 

To give your outlook a new dynamic, try matching tops with your high-waisted jeans. For instance, if you have blue jeans, it’s recommended to wear a blue top to match the contrast. 

(b) Fitted Jeans 

We often tend to buy plus-sized clothes so that we can cover the muffin top. But wearing fitted jeans can also be a good solution for women with curvy shapes. They might sound a bit odd for oversized women, but fitted jeans can take some extra pounds away. They will squeeze your belly all the time so your muffin top won’t be noticed by anyone. Besides, fitted jeans that hug your curves will give you a bold and appealing outlook to impress the world. However, if your muffin tops are a bit bulkier, you mustn’t wear excessively skinny or tight jeans that keep your belly squeezed for long as it may result in pain in the abdomen. 

(c) Jeans With an Elastic Wristband

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to buy the perfect fitted jeans for girls with curvy figures. Most of them don’t match perfectly with their size. The main problem is the tight waists which cause suffocation to many women. 

If you also face similar problems, the best way to solve this problem is by replacing the original waistband with an elastic waistband. In this way, you can easily wear your desired fitted jeans by avoiding all the hassle. While changing the wristband, remember to perfectly match the color contrast for an excellent look. 

(d) Jeans With a Non-Stretchy Fabric 

One important thing you must notice is the texture and fabric when choosing jeans. If you want to hide your muffin top, always avoid jeans with elastic and thin fabric. The reason is that thin fabrics are not capable of holding your muffin top and curves properly. On top of that, muffin tops with stretched-out jeans will look even bigger in your outfit. 

So, it’s advised to buy jeans with thick cotton and non-stretchy fabric as they’re thick enough to suppress the muffin top with ease. Besides, jeans with thick cotton are super comfy to wear. 

(e) Pull-On Jeans

Pull-On Jeans for women

Pull-on jeans are the new creation of modern fashion. Fashion houses are diversifying their product lines to add more variety for different body shapes. Pull-on jeans are one of those clothing items that are made specifically for oversized women.

These specialized jeans are one of the best solutions for women who want to hide their muffin tops. Pull-on jeans don’t have zippers or buttons like traditional jeans. Instead, they have a thick elastic band to make your curves look good in every way. They also provide unparalleled comfort while covering your muffin top.

2. Best Plus Size Jeans for a Big Stomach

Having a plus-sized body can be a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. You might struggle to find a pair of jeans that will hide your big stomach. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our top picks for the best jeans to cover your big stomach with comfort. 

(a) High-Rise Ankle-Length Jeans

High-Rise Ankle-Length Jeans for women

For women with a big stomach, our first recommendation is to wear high-rise jeans at ankle length. High-rise jeans can easily hide your big tummy. they’re also one of the best jeans for muffin tops as well. Moreover, you should avoid wearing jeans with a longer inseam. These types of jeans are not suitable for curvy girls as they can make you look short and oversized. So always try to wear jeans at ankle length.

(b) Denim With Dark Shade

An innovative way to express your style with a big tummy is wearing denim with dark shades. It’s one of the hottest fashion trends in the modern fashion world. Dark shades of denim can be your best friend if you want to hide your big stomach without losing style.

We recommend wearing dark and solid colors of jeans such as black, navy blue, and grey. These colors have the ability to make you look more appealing without drawing too much attention to your waistline. Another advantage of wearing dark-colored jeans is that they usually go well with almost any outfit. 

(c) Straight Leg Jeans

If you have a big belly and skinny legs, straight-leg jeans can be a great option to blend comfort with style. Currently, these are one of the most sought-after fashion tools among the women of this generation. Straight-leg jeans are gradually replacing skinny jeans as they work for all body shapes and sizes. It’s especially a great option for girls with big bellies. 

Straight-leg jeans help you draw all the attention to the legs instead of the waistline. Whether it’s a casual or party get-up, it can be your favorite tool for everyday style and comfort. For a more elegant look, we recommend wearing a pair of heels or ankle boots with straight-leg jeans. 

(d) Good Waist By Good American

Good American is one of the most popular brands for producing stellar plus-size jeans. “Good Waist” is a top pair of jeans that promises to give comfort and style to oversized women. This pair of jeans solves the gapping issue, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes and colors. If you’re someone who wants style, comfort, and colors all together, Good Waist is the perfect pair of jeans for your thick thighs

(e) Bombshell Skinny Jeans

If you’re looking for plus-size jeans to add fashion value to your outfit, Bombshell jeans from Torrid can be a suitable option. These jeans come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for oversized women. They provide a gap-proof elastic waistband that is super comfortable and stylish. 

The Bombshell jeans will compress your stomach with comfort and make your curves look absolutely stunning. They also provide a variety of colors so you can match them with your favorite tops.

3. Best Tummy Control Jeans to Wear

The new fashion trends are evolving every day. With creativity and technology, fashion experts have been able to come up with some interesting fashion wear for plus-sized women. Tummy control jeans are modern solutions to give curvy women a smoother silhouette. 

Tummy control jeans are designed and tailored in a way that makes your stomach look flatter and thin. These types of jeans also make your thighs look smooth and give you a curvier bottom. These jeans will help you boost your confidence by smoothing out the parts of your body that make you embarrassed. So, check out the best tummy-control jeans to rock the fashion trends. 

(a) Spanx Jeans

Spanx jeans are quite popular among women because of their ability to smooth silhouettes and make women look slimmer. Spanx jeans handle big tummy excellently with concealed shaping technology and rich fabric. But the biggest advantage of these jeans is the ability to stretch and give women a slim look. On top of that, these jeans don’t have any zippers or buttons for maximum comfort for women. The sleek look of Spanx jeans combined with an elastic waistband can be a perfect way to show off your beauty.

(b) NYDJ

plus size women wearing NYDJ jeans
Credit: nydj on Instagram

“Not Your Daughter’s Jeans”(NYDJ) has built a very good reputation by providing some amazing fashion wear for curvy women. The magic of NYDJ is in the fabric; these jeans are made of comfortable but high-elastic fabric. As a result, you get an excellent pair of denim pants that hold your big tummy without looking fat. The structure of NYDJ is designed to make a flabby tummy look flat and these jeans do an amazing job at doing that. NYDJ jeans can also solve your muffin top problems with ease. 

(c) Old Navy Smooth and Slim Jeans

Old Navy is a well-reputed fashion brand but their plus-size jeans have taken the women’s fashion world by storm. Old navy jeans can be an affordable option for oversized women who want to have a flat tummy. Old Navy jeans have a stretchy and smooth inside lining that helps you to hide your big tummy. These jeans also provide ample space so that you can breathe freely. The dark shades of these jeans give you the opportunity to make a nice contrast with your favorite tops. 


Although you should love your body no matter the shape and size, the new fashion era is giving you some excellent options to cover your unwanted body fat. Being oversized is not a hurdle anymore, as you can also level up your fashion game with some stunning jeans. These above-mentioned jeans are some of the best jeans for muffin tops to embrace your beauty with confidence and elegance. 

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